From Concept To Market The Company And The Product Central Gaming

From Concept To Market

Continuing on from How To Launch A New Product In A Casino I did ask Central Gaming if they had anything to share to the process of products to market. The below is what they sent, I don’t think that anything can be added so take a look at their persona and values

From Concept To Market

Central Gaming was founded upon bringing a very small number of experienced industry professionals, with shared ideals, together. When you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time, at an optimal cost, you create an environment conducive to maximising probability of success. But that is just one component, the infrastructure or framework if you will. How do you know that you have the right people? It comes down to asking one key question. What is my purpose? To answer that, the best place to start is passion. Everyone at Central is driven by one thing…creating value; because with value comes growth and scalability. With value you are responsible for delivering something that improves the industry in which you operate. You are daring to challenge and change the way people engage with products and their perception of the industry.

 From Concept To Market

So the hardest part about getting our product and any product for that matter to market, comes at the very initial stages of new product from concept to market development. It’s about idea generation. That is where the time is spent, because value creation is contingent upon figuring out the right product to build, the product that a customer will want to pay for. If you make something nobody wants, it does not matter whether you are on time or budget, whether everyone worked well together and you have all the boxes in the checklist ticked. We are not in business to extend an existing product, selling side bet solutions to prolong life-cycle. We utilize our resource competencies to innovate, bringing fresh game designs that appeal to both the traditional player and the tech savvy prospective, or new age player. If you want to change for the better you must push boundaries, offering a product portfolio that delivers benefits to compliment the diverse consumer segments. It is about managing the inherent uncertainty in the unknown and managing your risk.

 From Concept To Market

Being comfortable with uncertainty leads some to adopt a “just do it” approach, taking initial market research as gospel and while you do not wish to stifle innovation or entrepreneurial values, our destination, as well as our start point is underpinned by our vision of value creation. To achieve our vision we implemented a level of strategy outlined below –

Planning – set clear objectives, milestones and an initial goal

Product Presentation –  be clear / concise and captivating.

Target Customers – need to be working with the right people. Strategic partners, territories, operators. Know your client – be compelling and have a sympathetic manner. Deliver quality, flexibility and dependability.

Open Approach – keep all options open

Product Support – site survey / engage customer / installation plan

Customer Support – marketing assets / social media / launch activity / How To Play

Customer / Supplier “Go Forward” strategy

Product presentation and customer engagement are arguably the elements that enable commercials…but they are all interdependent when introducing a new product to market and it is about getting to that stage first.

 From Concept To Market

split-test-021So we prototype, prototype, prototype, because experience provides definitive answers far quicker than theoretical discussion. We think of product development as a series of systematic experiments, testing value hypothesis against vision. We concept and split test and if at any point we move away from value generation, we change direction. We employ this strategy, have a product road-map, a point of view about our partners and an eye on competitors. We have an idea about who are customers will be, but no definitive answers. We validate our learning by harnessing the power of small batch size to reduce up front investment. We methodically standardise those processes that can be standardised, so that from day one everyone engaging with our products sees the benefits. We stop production and investigate issues as they arise; so while physical production slows, productivity never diminishes, because shortcuts today slow progress tomorrow. We do what others wont, in pursuit of achieving what others cant, because we believe that future prosperity is determined by the ability for the collective to imagine what the future of gaming could look like.

The result…Central Multi Wheel.

A small insight from concept to market 

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