Labour Is To Blame For The Gambling Addiction ! Really ?

Labour Is To Blame

I have just read another article this time in the Telegraph Online berating the gambling industry and the decisions made around that business. Yes it is a business like any other. The people at the Telegraph are educated qualified journalist but I suppose that the distortion of facts and sensationalism is the key to obtaining millions of readers but still headlines read

Labour turned a flutter into a fatal addiction to gambling

The nation’s obsession with betting is firmly rooted in the last government’s decision to deregulate the industry.

Now looking at the head line it seems that gambling was born and new gamblers were created at that very moment. Gambling has been in existence  since the birth of man. Its in our nature, the desire to be better and to compete and the natural extension of being the best is to wager something of value to reinforce “That You Are The Best” So wagering or gambling didn’t start on the tables in a casino it was against each other. Then one day someone saw an opportunity to make additional money through gambling by opening a building to enhance betting activity. Do you think when the Romans threw the slaves into the arena that no gold changed hands.

The Gambling Industry

I do promote the industry and I do also give a voice to those who help and support those with gambling problems (Liz Carter) I am all for labour is to blame choice. The freedom of choice to do as we wish (within the law) and also the choice to make informed responsible decision as we all should be accountable for our own actions. The writer of the article Philip Johnston (assistant editor and lead writer)  apparently has only ever bought 1 lottery 20 years ago when it started and rarely bets as the “idea of him losing money he can ill afford to part with is anathema” I am sure that he earns at least 5 times as much as the average salary. The people under the national average and closer to the bread line I am sure that they occasionally have a flutter and one of the reasons, maybe “hope” the hope of winning to take them away from poverty and wanting. Something for them to look forward to, a glimmer, a dream, a hope and of course there are cases that go to the wrong side of moderation. Moderation now that’s a word used in everything we talk about today, food, drink, cigarettes and moderation is the key to life.


Yes there is an increase in gambling adverts encouraging people to gamble and it it easier to gamble today especially online where you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own armchair. That’s the beauty of media, its everywhere and now there is so many platforms to send your message so its only natural that we “SEE” so many more adverts on any given subject. I know many people in the industry and some of them do not advertise at all. They believe that a gambler will find somewhere to gamble where ever they are, in a different city or even a different Country they will find it. Do remember though there is an “OFF BUTTON” for the TV and your laptop. Oh and the usual business model is that you only open an establishment when there is a market for it. Its very rare you open a business and then hope to make customers.


Advertising ! is it a sophisticated form of gambling, you pay the money, estimate how many people will see that advert, calculate how many people will respond to that advert, then guestimate the percentage of sales, Forecast your profit, if Any


Paddy Power

The columnist mentioned the Paddy Power offer on the Oscar Pistorius trial and so has every other journalist in the country, what a great piece of publicity, Paddy Power will not gain financially from that particular betting spree but the publicity gained from it is priceless. After all didn’t the actual advert also appear in a newspaper ? So one department in the paper is quite happy to take the money for the advertising space in the paper,the the other department quite happily create a story from something they have just made money from. If anyone did not know about the brand “Paddy Power” they do now as everyone is talking, tweeting about the subject and they have even started a petition for it to be removed on asking for any profit to be donated to a charity fighting violence against women. I believe that the best way to deal with any publicity what you disagree with is to just leave it alone and ignore it. After all as soon as you mention it again you enhance and are involved in the publicity train itself. You are fueling the fire itself.


£100 every 20 seconds, now in an uncontrolled environment I do agree that this needs either more regulation or the format changing completely, perhaps to the same as the stakes and prize in a casino. The classic sensationalism on these stories is just as preposterous as this one (Labour is To Blame) The head lines “Gambling curb ‘will kill horses’ seriously ! Is there more Horse Races per year NOW since the inception of FOBT’s, do they actually operate horse racing venues at such a loss. If the market is not there then a business has to close and perhaps the threat of killing horses may be real but to blame it on FOBT’s really, grow up. Of course you cant blame them for wanting to protect their millions. The next interesting story is how Gamblers To Set Limit’s On FOBT’s The Association of British Bookmakers says “the new industry code of conduct is the first of its kind in the world” I am not privy to the exact technicalities of this new technology but it seems once the limit is reached an enforced 30 second break ensues. Is it the customer who set the limit themselves ? and 30 seconds wow, it will give them chance to check there phone to update their social media profiles. Oh and it could be over 6 months before the new technology get rolled out. I wonder how long it takes for someone to respond when the machine malfunctions.

Labour To Blame

Is Labour to blame ? No I don’t think so, if any blame is to be apportioned to anyone it is ourselves, our greed,our desire to want more but that’s another story. The above are just observations and an opinion on those but pleased do read the full story and see if you think that Labour is to blame or is it just another throw away headline.

Labour turned a flutter into a fatal addiction to gambling

The nation’s obsession with betting is firmly rooted in the last government’s decision to deregulate the industry.

Is there nothing you can’t gamble on? Yesterday, I received an email from one of the country’s top bookmakers offering to refund losing bets on the outcome of the Oscar Pistorius trial should the athlete be acquitted. Leaving aside the tastelessness of the invitation, I have no idea why it was made to me, since I rarely bet. Even buying my one and only National Lottery ticket when it launched 20 years ago left me consumed with Presbyterian guilt. The idea of risking and losing money that I cannot afford to part with is anathema.

But many people have no such hang-ups. Recent figures suggest that about half the adult population has gambled in the past year, and this rises to 70 per cent when the Lottery is included. For most, it is an innocent pastime carried out in moderation. But for some, it is an addiction that wrecks lives.

We have known this for a long time. Indeed, it was once part of our national stock of wisdom – until, that is, the Labour government decided to deregulate the gambling industry. Instinctively, I am against the nanny state and dislike being lectured to by politicians or self-appointed moral guardians about what I should and should not do. People can decide for themselves whether to bet; but it is not for the government to facilitate their ability to do so, not least because gambling demoralises society by breaking any link between effort and reward. We should not be surprised that the surge in the habit has coincided with the inexorable rise of TV shows offering instant stardom. Full Story 

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