Casino Careers So! You want to be a croupier?

Casino Careers  So! You want to be a croupier? Casino Careers

Well, you certainly couldn’t have picked a better time to take a look at a career in the Casino world. Casinos are booming at the moment with the opening of the new Casino at Stratford (the biggest in Europe) and the new Hippodrome in the city, not to mention the new one to open soon in Brighton.

Things have moved on quite a lot since the first post of Casino Careers,

There is now a Large Licence Casino In Milton Keynes also operated by Aspers, A brand spanging new casino in Leeds called the Victoria Gate so there is a plethora of places to pursue your casino Career

casino careers

But before you go giving up your day job or applying to be trained as a croupier, there are a few things you need check.

Casino Careers The Basics

For example. Have you got an outgoing personality? What’s your spoken English like? What’s your basic math’s like? How effective are your communication skills? Have you got effective interpersonal skills?

Well? Have you?

Because if you don’t possess these basic skills all the training in the world will not secure you a position as a croupier in a top Casino.

If you are still with me, let’s move on and take a look at the process.

You need to find a good training school and there are some good ones in the UK. We here at London Academy of Gaming  in the centre of London are such a training School and we are highly rated by all the major Casinos, including Grosvenor and Gala. We are the preferred providers for the Plaza Resort on the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean as well as online gaming in Riga. Karen Taylor, the academy’s principle, acts as consultant to Channel 5s standards for entry to academy are very high and not all applicants get a place. Complete our course and you will be guaranteed a job as a croupier.

However, there are a few other things you will need no matter which training school you choose.

You will need to have a CRB check. So if you have a criminal conviction,

particularly relating to drugs or theft, you will definitely not be issued with a certificate. That in turn will prevent you from being issued with a gaming license (PFL) by the Gambling Commission. So be diligent and honest with yourself, pick a good course with a good provider and you should be OK. Most effective training schools offer great training but the entry criteria varies in different regions. For example, some schools will train you for free and then charge the casino a fee should they wish to employ you.

Casino Careers is it Really for You

London Academy of Gaming charges the trainees and not the Casinos!Casino Careers

Nothing worth having is ever free in life.

Just ask yourself this question. If you were looking to employ a young croupier who could demonstrate that they have thought this all through and are totally committed to securing a career in the casino business. What would you prefer? Someone who has been trained for free and thinks it might be for them or someone who is so determined that they paid for their own training?

So, assuming you have been trained, possess a CRB certificate and a gaming license, what happens next? Well, there are still some more hoops to jump through, indeed this is where the process differs from any other job application. Because, even before you are interviewed, you will be tested!

Casino Careers The Test

The casinos training manager will want to see how good you are at actually doing the job. I bet you can’t think of many job vacancies were the manager will want to see how good you are even before the interview takes place.

Your “table test” will involve your chip work, your mental arithmetic, your card work, your personality at the table and of course your ability to control the game.

Fail that and your out !

Casino Careers

However, assuming you do pass the “table test” you will then be passed on to the Casinos manager for an interview who will be waiting with your CV.

Casino Careers The CV 

CVs are the strangest thing and most young people get them so wrong.

So, let me talk to you for a moment about the principles of marketing, my speciality. What is marketing? Well according to the Institute of Marketing it’s  “The identification and satisfaction of a customers needs” What, I hear you ask has this to do with a CV? Simple! You have identified a customers need (the casino needs a croupier), you have trained to meet those needs and all you need to do now is send them your marketing material. You’re CV!

Most people produce a 2 page CV listing all the things they used to do for someone else and not a marketing document demonstrating what they can do for the customer! Simply highlighting your current skills and competences and what you have to offer the Casino manager is all you need, laid out in bullet point format with all the things that make you attractive.

Talking of attractive. (Now here’s a pill you might find hard to swallow) But are you? What do you see when you look in the mirror?

How do you rate your looks compared to say, your friends. Why? Because as soon as you walk into the room the interviewer makes his or her mind up about you within 10 seconds. You have to be someone who the casino manager wants on the gaming floor representing their group.

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Casino Careers The Final Word 

One final thing before I go (another pill). All casinos operate a 60/40 split between young women and young men. At the moment casinos are screaming out for young attractive women who wish to pursue a career as a croupier. They are not sexist. They are in fact customer driven, in that the majority of casino customers are men and like it or not guys, men prefer young women croupiers or dealers. Indeed it’s mostly young attractive women from Poland,Portugal,Hungary and Italy who are the most successful at getting jobs in casinos right now. Why?

Casino Careers

Well believe it or not, it’s simply because we don’t get enough young British men and women applying to be croupiers!! I spend a fortune on behalf of

my managers, trying to find young keen and enthusiastic women and men from Britain to work in casinos here in the UK, abroad in the Caribbean or on TV with limited success.

Finally let me say this. If you need any advice or guidance, no matter where you live in the UK just drop me a line, and Ill be only too pleased to help you in any way I can. Good luck!!

Casino Careers Your Future !

Guest Post By Liam Carlin: from the London Academy of Gaming

Casino Careers

Liam pulls no punches in his post, but I do agree better to know exactly what you are letting yourself in for before you invest in your casino career, also  if and when you did commit to a course with The London Academy of Gaming you can rest assured that it will be like minded people there, not some dead beat who has just turned up so he can keep getting his benefit.

If you have any Questions for Liam you can either email him or leave a comment here on the post. Good Luck if a Casino Careers is for you.

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The Best Casino Apps For Croupiers

The first 3 Apps are designed to help Croupiers or people wishing to  be croupiers so they can practice their maths skills to help paying out bets and improve their mathematical dexterity

The Croupier test by Jan Kulhany  £2.49

This App is a learn and play tool for croupiers and trainee croupiers, it does have the benefit of having roulette and blackjack based test. It also has different levels of tests to challenge the more experienced croupiers as well. At the time of this post it had 2 Five star reviews


iCroupier by Digital Sofa Development Ltd £2.49

The i Croupier app comes with Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat/Punto and Three Card Poker so this may be a little better in value with the added games on there. No reviews at the time of this post


Baccarat Calculator HD £1.99

Designed solely for the purpose of Baccarat so you would hope that it is better designed as its a stand alone single app. At the time of this post no customer reviews.

Thinking of becoming a croupier then these books will give you a head start in your chosen career

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