Betting Systems and What Are Betting Systems

Betting Systems


What Are Betting Systems

All betting systems are based on mathematical equations and predictions. A simple formula to edge the betting strategy in your favour.
The simplest betting system is simply doubling the bet each time you lose and eventually you will win. The only downside is most of us do not have a bottomless pit of money to keep doubling our bets.

Betting Systems : Do They Work

The next question everyone asks is “Do they work?” Well the only downside to betting systems is that the mathematical equations and the things they are betting on do not always run true. The main reason for any failures on any betting systems is down to human nature.
The first glitch in the system is the events we place bets on, most of them have their own minds, the dog, the horse, the footballer, the golfer, the “”” and the Ice hockey player.

betting systems

There is of course a set of slightly less volatile events to use your betting systems on  is Roulette, blackjack, punto banco. The probability of a 1 in 37 chance on a roulette wheel on a single number or a 50/50 chance on black or red, (not quite you have to take zero into consideration.) The cards provide a 1 in 52 chance of a card per deck. It’s like a match made in heaven a mathematical betting system and a mathematical probability on the outcomes. This still has the risk of human nature scuppering your betting system, yes you yourself and I speak from experience. If any betting system is going to work then you have to stick with the plan. Do NOT deviate.

Betting Systems: Edging The Bets

If after all the possibilities of not winning I hope you are still reading. let’s take a look at what we can apply our betting systems to.

Horse Racing
Dog Racing
Sporting Events
Ice Hockey
Punto Banco
Game of War
3 Card Poker
The list is virtually endless as professional gamblers it has been said they will bet on two rain drops on a window for the one that falls the quickest.

betting systems

Well Know Betting Systems

Martingale system

This is basically doubling your bet each time you loose and if you win you start back at the beginning. Very often used in roulette and the method I used starting with a £1 bet. The theory is that the dealer will not spin just one colour more than 7 times and I always went with black. This  betting system is mostly used on even chance bets, you get back exactly the same you put on. You could opt for red or black, the other option very rarely  used is odd or even. Be aware there is always an exception to any rule. Of course you need to find a table with a high enough limit so you can double your bet the maximum number of times. Do not play the double zero tables as this will reduce your odds considerably.

Make sure the table returns half your stake if Zero comes in


The casino will of course very quickly realise that you are using the Martingale system but do not worry there is nothing they can or will do. There is another option if you do not want to be scrutinised to closely, play an electronic betting terminal that is connected to the roulette wheels electronically.The other Option is to [Play Online] You may notice in the table that the profit margin suddenly jumps up to £7 and you are wondering why don’t you just start there? Well if you start to high and the table limit is not high enough or your bank roll is not large enough you will end up losing everything. Genting Casino Manchester for example has a £200 limit on its minimum £1 stake tables giving you 8 chances to return you money and make a profit.

The main point for success in this betting system is to be patient and be resigned to the fact that you are only making a little every time. Do not get greedy do not rush as I speak from experience that after 7 successful visits to casinos on my 8th visit I was in a rush I needed to go somewhere and tried to speed it up a little and yes in the end I lost it all> it virtually took up all the money I had made from the previous visits. My co investor for the bank role for this system was my father! It was a long drive home and a very long week of ear bending.


There is of course slight variations and anomalies of when to bet, when not to bet. The full betting system can be obtained from Amazon Below

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Betting Stakes Table For The Martingale System


StakeTotal Bet If LoosingAction if LooseAction if WinReturns From a WinProfit Margin
£1£1DoubleStart Again£1£1
£2£3DoubleStart Again£2£1
£5£8DoubleStart Again£5£2
£10£18DoubleStart Again£10£2
£25£43DoubleStart Again£25£7
£50£93DoubleStart Again£50£7
£100£193DoubleStart Again£100£7
£200£393DoubleStart Again£200£7
£400£793DoubleStart Again£400£7


Kelly Criterion

Sometimes known as the Kelly Bet, Kelly Strategy or the (insert link) Kelly formula and was developed by a J L Kelly back in 1956
This betting system involves betting a percentage of the bank roll you have at any given time. One of the suggested % rates is 20% but of course there are many theories and some complicated permutations to this.  Example you have £100 you stake £20, if you lose then you next bet would be £16. However, if you won your first bet and your bank roll had swelled to £125 the suggested bet would be £25. It starts out as a very simple betting system and is designed to be cautious when the money is low and more extravagant when the times are good. This betting system is also used by investors on the stock market and one very well know and very rich investor the philanthropist Warren Buffet

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Betting systems
Image Taken from the wiki page of the Kelly System

I did say simple but then it can become a complicated system once all things are considered. For a more detailed in depth understanding of this betting system you should read the book


betting systems Man Barred from Casino allegedly for winning too much Daily Mail  £28000

Oscars Grind

This betting system is very closely linked to the Martingale system

Betting systems
Oscar Grind Image taken from wiki

Gamblers Fallacy

This betting system is based on balance, harmony and believing that everything will correct itself. Example if you tossed a coin a thousand times 500 would be heads and 500 would be tails, roughly because that’s the odds in the first instance. 50/50. So the gamblers fallacy theory is that heads has just come up 11 times in a row so the next toss of the coin it is more likely to be a tail !  The real odds are again 50/50 but with this betting system its all about balance so up the stakes and go tails.

The most famous example of the gambler’s fallacy occurred in a game of roulette at the Monte Carlo Casino on August 18, 1913,[5] when the ball fell in black 26 times in a row. This was an extremely uncommon occurrence, although no more or less unexpected than any of the other 67,108,863 sequences of 26 red or black. Gamblers lost millions of francs betting against black, reasoning incorrectly that the streak was causing an “imbalance” in the randomness of the wheel, and that it had to be followed by a long streak of red.

Anti-Martingale system

In this betting system it’s the reverse of the Martingale system, when you win you increase the stake and keep doing so until you lose, then you reduce the stake until you win again and then increase the stake again.

Labouchère system

Also known as the split-martingale or the cancelation system. In this betting system the player first decides how much he want to win. Yes really its true but if you want to know more then. click the link

Spread Betting, now thats a entirely different betting system and one I know little about but watch this space as I will be doing some research.

If you have a better betting system than the ones  mentioned here let us know so we can review it for you

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