The Insider’s Guide To Launching a New Product In a Casino

The Insider’s Guide To Launching a New Product In a Casino

Since the rules have been relaxed on introducing new games it’s never been easier to get a new game into a casino as it is now so what are you waiting for. This is aimed at the small entrepreneur although the big boys also leave a lot of things to chance when they launch new casino games.

Eureka , you have done it, you have just come up with the greatest idea for a new casino game, it will be the biggest game in the casino industry since roulette!!!, well obviously since this idea has just popped into you head there is a few more steps that you need to take before it goes live in a casino. This guide is to give you an insider’s view on what helps and hinders new games in the marketplace the things I have seen and experienced myself. You may think it’s the best idea ever but what will others think. Will you be able to convince people that your new casino game is the one

New Product In a Casino The Idea

Once you have got the idea in your head, what’s the next step

Table Games, the maths, before you run off to one of the operators have you got the math right ? is there a balance between the customer being able to win and then of course the operator needs to make a profit, slip the wrong side of this tricky balance and you’re not going anywhere.

New Product In a Casino The Name

So what are you going to call this new game, a derivative of 2 names stuck together or are you going to be bold and call it something completely  original.  If the name is to obscure and unpronounceable then it is not going to work (unless you have a few hundred thousand for marketing)  nobody will talk about something they cannot remember and rolls of the tongue

New Product In a Casino Prototype launch product edit

How far and how much do you spend on the prototype.

Well this depends on where and to who you are pitching to

Of course your first pitch will be to your family and friends, use them first, there opinion and advice are free, they may not know much about the Casino industry but in the end its people that play the games. So your first prototype can be on pen and paper or cardboard and if the first pitch doesn’t go well then its not a problem its your inner circle use any feedback to try and refine the rough edges around your idea. Your pitch will need hundreds of rehearsals at least, a great book to give you some direction is the Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business (Adweek Books)

New Product In a Casino Regulation / Resources

At some point before you get your new game/product into a licenced casino you are going to have to get your game approved. Below are usefull resources to help you along your journey

Of course gaming laws and regulation vary from country to country so please check with your local authority

New Product In a Casino Money

Whos money are you going to use for the prototype, do you have enough of your own or will you need to borrow some. The banks may be a little difficult to borrow from on just an idea, you could always turn to that inner circle again, family and friends and give away a little of the Printfuture equity of the company if you ever make it big. Depending on how polished your prototype you could always go for the crowdfunding finance. There is now a specialist crowd funding for the gaming industry and not surprisingly it’s called gamcrowd. Raising finance  this way has 2 distinct advantages, one you could get your money and two is the amount of added exposure and interest created in our new product.   Perhaps you may find a private backer in the industry with connections, don’t be shy go knock on those doors. Of course the disadvantage is that if the product does make it big then you have to give away some of the profit. You could always go to one of the established companies or operators

It may not be a completely new game/product, it may just be a tweak or an additional side bet on an existing popular game.  This makes life much easier and one such example that came from the Grosvenor New Games Show case in Coventry (which they now hold on a regular basis) was a side bet from Stephen a Au-Yeung called “S.A.-Y’s Roulette Link Bets” which was implemented across most of the Grosvenor estate on roulette. A very simple but brilliant addition of a side bet, Stephen is a prolific inventor of casino games and every time I seen him he always has a new game to tell me (or anyone listening) all about it. Those of you who know him also know it isn’t a short conversation either.

“Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

S.A.-Y’s Roulette Link Bets” is a simple amendment to the conventional Roulette layout to allow split and corner bets across numbers in the first and third columns, which would otherwise not be possible RouletteLinkBetsbecause they are not adjacent. It is achieved by adding a fourth column alongside the third column which duplicates all the numbers from the first column. For example, whilst the normal three columns still contain 1, 2 and 3, there is now an additional “1” in the new column alongside the” 3”. This allows split bets between 1 and 2 / 2 and 3, as normal, but now also allows a wager across 3 and 1. The same applies to all other numbers in the first and third columns.

Players wishing to wager “straight up” bets on numbers in the first column must use the conventional number layout. For example, the wager must be placed on the number 4 in the first column, not the duplicated number in the Link Bet column. Similarly, column wagers can only be placed for the first three columns. The new column of numbers is purely to facilitate split and corner wagers that are not otherwise possible using the conventional layout.

Usual Odds Paid

The odds for splits and corner wagers are unchanged to those detailed in the rules for the conventional roulette game.

House Edge

There is no impact on the House Edge from that given for the conventional Roulette game.”


Of course for every success story there is many a failure out there of new games and products.

New Product In a Casino Marketing

Launching a New Product In a Casino

Now in this space you could potentially spend thousands and then double that and add a few zero’s on the end.  You can always start at the low end of the scale, free, yes free, it may take a lot longer (or never get there) but you could spend your thousands and still draw a blank. Start with the social media platforms, FB, Twitter, Vine and of course the industry press, court the people who have blogs/websites especially the smaller publications as they are always on the lookout for a good news worthy story, you may get lucky and get it posted for free. They publish, they promote,  you compliment that promotion. Try to make your marketing a little different, you could always go with the business like professional press release or go informal. When you do publicize your product do a little content marketing and talk about how you got there. Tell the story, everyone loves a story and the people (people like people) then your product stands more of a chance. Pout Promotions 

New Product In a Casino Onsite Trial

You have made it to the big time your new product/idea is on the gaming floor, sit back and relax “WRONG”

This is where you can make it or break it, once you are on the gaming floor the hard work now starts.

  • Ensure you agree a timescale  of how long the trial will last
    • Try for a 2 stage trial (2nd stage collect data and tweak)
    • Ensure you agree on success/failure criteria (monetary or games played)
    • Ensure you agree when “Your” game/ product will be staffed and open
    • Agree what promotion the product will get in the casino
    • Ensure that you train the staff, and retrain them again
    • Ensure that you are actually on site when the game is open
    • Agree who your ambassador for the product will be in the casino (The GM will be far to busy)
    • Agree on what data is to be collected

The list is not exhaustive, I have seen many a new product on the gaming floor with none of the above agreed, I have seen trials go on for months and months with no money changing hands between operator and inventor , then the game just disappears into oblivion. I have seen new products in the casino on a busy Saturday night and the game is not open. If the casino is understaffed or busy your table will be the last to be opened, after all the casino is a business and businesses have budgets to meet and they are more likely to open a game that has guaranteed revenue coming in. It may well be worth investing in your own qualified dealer (PFL) to man(woman) the new product, that way you know it WILL be open and they Will push the product for you. You could also hire the use of marketing company on site, sorry I mean lovely ladies to help promote your product, not just by looking pretty but also getting them to approach potential customers and explain what the new product is all about.

Talk to the people who have played the game, make up a basic quick questionnaire (not to long as people don’t want to stand there listening to you drone on and on) More importantly talk to those people who stopped by and looked at the new product but did not play. Ask the obvious question “WHY” you didn’t try the game, gather that data sit back take an objective and impersonal view and tweak your product if you can in the timescales agreed with the operators. WASH RINSE REPEAT. To help you gather this inforamtion you could use programmes like Survey Monkey or Smart Survey or read a comprhensive book such as How to Conduct Surveys: A Step-by-Step Guide 5th (fifth) Edition by Fink, Arlene published by SAGE Publications, Inc (2012) There is a great free online survey tool from Typeform

New Product In a Casino : Recent Launches

There have been 2 recent launches we have covered on C4D and they have been from Central Gaming and Puk A Luck, both products have been through probably the same process to get the product ready for market but only one has multiple trials on site at this time  and that is is Central Gaming. The difference, well I am not privy to all that happens but I did ask a few questions of both companies and Central Gaming came back with THIS (publishing soon), perhaps its all down to attitude and commitment

What do you think is the secret formula to Launching a New Product In a Casino ?

If you have an idea on a new product/game get in touch we might just be able to help you along the way, The biggest Casino Group in the UK are always looking for new table games, contact them on the email  for more information

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