Grosvenor Casino London Victoria

Grosvenor Vic Grosvenor Casino London Victoria

One of the Iconic Gaming establishments in the UK, and Actually the Restaurant

Grosvenor Casino London Victoria Table Games

American Roulette 13£1.00£1000.00
Blackjack 11£5.00£1000.00
Three Card Poker 2£5.00£200.00
Super Stud Poker 1£10.00£200.00
Punto Banco 1£5.00£10000.00
Dice 1£3.00£1200.00

Grosvenor Casino London Victoria


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Grosvenor Casino London Victoria

Quotes From The Casino : General Manager Martin Ramskill

The Victoria Casino London (affectionately known as ‘The Vic’) sits in the heart of London on the Edgware Road and is one of the largest and longest established casinos in the country.

The Vic’s attractions include a wide variety and number of table games and arguably the most iconic 250-seater poker room in the world!

Learn To Play

Come and join in the fun on our learn to play nights. On the last Wednesday of each month starting at 8pm. You can learn Roulette, Blackjack, 3 card poker and many more of our casino games. For more details or to book a space please call Vicki on 0207298 2432, or e-mail

Party Party!

Casinio experiences are available! There’s a Grosvenor Casino experience to suit every occasion, from a night out with friends to your office party or a birthday celebration. You can find out more information on the Grosvenor Victoria Casino experience here.

Poker Experience

Whether you’re new to the whole gaming experience or an experienced player, we’ve got the perfect Poker Package for you. From learning to play with friends to a Birthday party or corporate event, there’s a package to suit your needs.

The Grosvenor Casino London Victoria Casino (affectionately known as ‘The Vic’) sits in the heart of London and is one of the longest established casinos in the country.

In 2014, the Victoria will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.  In the sixties it was ‘the casino to visit’ with American junkets flying over to London purely to join in the excitement and to this day, it is still seen as ‘the place to be’ when in London.

Its attractions include the widest variety of table games and arguably the most iconic poker room in the world!!

Grosvenor Casino London Victoria Poker

This has to be one of the Destination Poker Rooms in the UK take a look what’s on Offer

Cash Games

Cash games take place daily in the poker room at ‘The Vic’, with Hold’em, Omaha and other varieties of poker taking place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A range of stakes are available.

Game TypeBlindsMin-Max Buy-InCharge
NLH£1-£1£40-£200Rake 10% £5 cap
NLH£1-£2£80-£400Rake 5% £10 cap
NLH£1-£3£120-£1000Rake 5% £10 cap
NLH£2-£5£200-£2500£7 half hourly charge
NLH£5-£10£400 no max£7.50 half hourly charge
NLH£10-£25£1000 no max£10 half hourly charge
NLH£25-£50£2000 no max£25 hourly charge
NLH£50-£100£5000 no max£30 hourly charge
PLO£1-£2£80-£400Rake 5% £10 cap
PLO£1-£3£120 no maxRake 5% £10 cap
PLO£2-£5£200 no max£7 half hourly charge
PLO£5-£10£400 no max£7.50 half hourly charge
PLO£10-£25£1000 no max£10 half hourly charge
PLO£25-£50£2000 no max£25 hourly charge
Mixed PL
(Dealer’s Choice)
£1-£3£120 no max£6 half hourly charge
Mixed PL
(Dealer’s Choice)
£2-£5£200 no max£7 half hourly charge
Mixed PL
(Dealer’s Choice)
£5-£10£400 no max£7.50 half hourly charge
Mixed Limit (Dealer’s Choice)Limits of £10 and £20£100 no max£7 half hourly charge
Mixed Limit
(Dealer’s Choice)
Limits of £75 and £150£750 no max£10 half hourly charge


£5-£10 games: £9 half hourly charge. £10-£25 games: £12.50 half hourly charge. £25-£50 games: £15 half hourly charge.

£50-£100 games: £17.50 half hourly charge. Mixed Limit (£75-£150 game): £12.50 half hourly charge.

More games and different stakes are available.

Some of the games available on the Mixed games include: Hold’em, Omaha, 7 card Stud, Lowball, Razz, Badugi, Ace to 5 triple draw, 2 to 7 triple draw, Omaha hi-lo, 7 card stud hi-lo, Superstud.


  • Tournaments are a regular feature in the poker room at ‘The Vic’, taking place daily with buy-ins from £40 upwards. Most evening tournaments start at 7:45pm, with registration closing 15 minutes before the start time. Late registration is available once play is underway and space permitting, players can buy in during the first three levels in freezeouts or the rebuy period in rebuy tournaments.

‘The Vic’ has hosted some of the biggest poker tours and events in Europe, including the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT), the European Poker Tour (EPT), the UNIBET Open and the World Heads-Up Poker Championship (WHUP).

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There is a space there for EVERYONE what ever your entertainment needs may be


Grosvenor Casino London Victoria


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