Casino Regulars Could Qualify for FREE Junkets

Casino Regulars Could Qualify for FREE Junkets

Alan Hughes has enjoyed a varied career in the gaming industry, starting in casinos at the age of 18 and gaining his bookmakers permit at 22, he is now the UK’s leading casino junketeer.

In the 80’s and early 90’s Alan ran a bookmaking business which specialised in taking football bets from Denmark. Then one day in the early

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How The Desert Inn Looked even before Alan started his career (now sadly pulled down)

90’s Fedex turned up on his doorstep to deliver a package from the Desert Inn, Las Vegas; the world-famous casino asked if Alan would like to become a junket agent. Conveniently for Alan, the package arrived just as Danish gaming laws were being reviewed and so his business took an unexpected change of direction and he began focusing on casino junkets and ‘Casino Tours Abroad‘.

So what, exactly, is a casino junket and where does Mr Hughes fit in?

Alan is the UK’s leading casino junket specialist, a genuine, independently-licensed junket representative,which means he arranges casino trips to some of the world’s finest casinos.

 And what is a junket? Junkets are commonplace in countries such as the USA, a method by which casinos bring in players to their tables – and pick up the tab. Usually, Alan assembles a small group between 6-16 players and take them on an all-expenses paid gambling trip which includes free flights and hotel accommodations. Naturally, certain rules apply depending upon the destination, but often genuine players can, provided they spend an agreed period of time at the tables, and bet the required amounts, be eligible for such a free trip.

Irrespective of how the player fares, the trips are paid for by the casino. There is no catch. “Occasionally, getting clients onto the first trip can be difficult, but once they’ve been, they’re ringing me up asking where they can go next,” says Alan.

Depending on the destination, different rules apply. For example, Casino Tours Abroad’s cheapest junkets require a playing deposit £2100 and go up to £10,000+. Normal rules for qualification are 12 hours play in three days with minimum bets from £20-£50 and upwards.

If your style of play fits into this category please contact Alan Hughes at  Details of forthcoming trips can be found on the website at Free Junkets

Next Trip

Malta – The Oracle Casino – next departure 6.March 2014  – 2500 Euro Deposit Required

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