A Simple Guide To Playing Bingo On An Online Casino

A Simple Guide To Playing Bingo On An Online Casino

No matter how less you are aware of the casino games, bingo is one game you must have heard of. The game is purely a luck-based game where a random numbers are chosen by a caller. These random numbers ultimately help in determining the winner.

Bingo is a game that is very simple and straight-forward. It does not require a player to have any sort of skills. The game is now available on the internet at online casinos too. Here are a few basics about how to play online bingo:

  1. The game starts when players buy bingo tickets. A bingo ticket is a card with a 5×5 grid. Each box in the ticket has one number printed on it except for the middle box which is an empty space. Hence, there are 24 distinct numbers on each card.
  2. After the tickets have been distributed among the players, the caller begins the game by selecting a random number and calling it loudly. A player who has got the number that is called has to mark it on his/her ticket.
  3. The caller calls numbers one by one out of the remaining numbers and players marks the numbers each time.
  4. This process repeats unless one or more players hit a winning pattern. Following are a winning pattern in a bingo ticket:
  5. Line pattern: It is obtained when all the five numbers of a line has been marked by a player.
  6. Two lines: It means the player has got two consecutive horizontal or vertical lines.
  7. Full house: It is the biggest win in the game and hence has the highest payout. It means the player has marked all the numbers on his ticket.

There are various other patterns that are possible but the above three are the most common ones. The other most popular patterns available are X – pattern and 4 corners.

  1. As soon as the player gets one of the above winning patterns, he/she has to yell “BINGO!” in order to get the attention of the caller and other players.

The game ends when all the patterns decided to be counted as a winning pattern has been achieved by the players.

It is usually advised that a player give proper attention to the number that is being called and mark it. It is the responsibility of the player to mark the number and if he misses claiming his pattern, the game usually disqualifies his winnings. You must remember the bingo rules very carefully.

Odds of winning

Although the game is a pure luck-based game, the luck works in two ways here; first when you buy a ticket and second when the numbers are selected. If the game is a 75 balls game, the middle number is 38. If all your numbers are above 38 or are below 38, it means the probability that you will win is very less.

If you generalize this, you will conclude that if there is a pattern in the numbers found in your ticket, the probability of getting those numbers will be less and hence and so will be the probability of your winning.

One obvious way to increase the probability of your winnings is, to buy more tickets. This will increase the probability but will your investment will also increase because of this and consequently your return will decrease.

Bingo is very simple to play and understand. If you are new to online casinos, you can try this game since it doesn’t require you to have special skills or experiences. There are many online casinos at which this game is available you can try your luck in one of them.

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