A Brief Guide To Slot Games

A Brief Guide To Slot Games

It’s official – the online gambling industry is thriving. A recent study by The Gambling Commission found that online gambling accounts for 33% of all gambling in Britain, making the internet sector the largest area of gambling in Britain, generating a gross gambling yield of £4.5billion. In comparison, traditional casinos only generated around £1billion during the same period (April 2015 and March 2016). It does seem that the punters are favouring playing from the convenience of their own home as opposed to bobbing down to their local casino. Nevertheless, those that are new to the world of online gambling may need a little help differentiating between the two types of major slots in order to choose the option that suits their playing style the most.


Whilst it’s entirely possible that classic slots may have a progressive jackpot, most of the time these are exclusive to online based slot games. Most people will already be aware that the term jackpot refers to the maximum possible win on a machine but a progressive jackpot is one that increases every time someone plays a certain game and carries on increasing until the pot is won by one lucky punter. With this system in place, it will come as no surprise that the returns on progressive jackpots can be absolutely massive and the biggest ever payout was netted by an anonymous Finnish man from Helsinki, who landed an astonishing €17.8m (£13.6m) on a Mega Fortune online slot game back in February 2013. It seems that 2013 was the year of big jackpot wins as an Aberdeenshire fisherman also won £5.4m on the Hall of Gods online slot game – this remains the UK’s biggest ever payout on a slot game and, whilst the chances of winning such eye-watering amounts can be low, you never know when your luck is in. If you fancy playing for this kind of cash then online slot games are definitely for you, with plenty of tips and tricks available online to help you in your quest to land one of the big prizes.

Themed Slots

Another major difference between online and traditional slots is in their themes and imagery. Most classic slots tend to be devoid of a theme and are centred around classic slot symbols such as bars, bells, and sevens. Whilst such symbols are the cornerstone of traditional fruit machines, online video slots from brands like NetEnt are generally much more flashy and aesthetically appealing. Just like more traditional variants, video slots may contain playing card icons but also have a range of symbols that are more thematic in nature and this is especially true of themed slots, such as games based on celebrities, films, or television programmes. With a wide variety of familiar themes, online slots provide endless high-quality entertainment. As seen online, films such as Bridesmaids and even Jurassic Park have their own themed online casino games, where players have the opportunity to play as their favourite characters (or as a T-Rex if they so wish). Despite the fact that there’s very little skill involved, even family favourite board games such as Monopoly and Yahtzee have made their way into the casino and have managed to maintain their community-based element by allowing players to interact with other users.


Bonus Rounds and Other Special Features

Most traditional and classic slots simply don’t have the capacity to run bonus rounds and these are therefore usually exclusive to online video slots. Bonus rounds tend to be tied to the theme of the game in question and, whilst obviously giving the player the opportunity to increase their payout, they also add an extra layer of excitement to an already absorbing experience. Free spins are also a massive part of the online slots experience and are one of the most popular features that these games offer. In most online slot games, free spins mode is activated when three or more scatter symbols are shown on the reels and the number of spins available usually depends on the game being played as well as the software developer. Although wilds or multipliers may sometimes appear in a handful of classic slots, most special symbols and icons are reserved for video slots; however, it has to be said that newer players may find themselves feeling a bit overwhelmed on first glance by all the flashing lights and chaos occurring when special features are triggered.

The Choice Is Up To You

Casinos are now looking to more skill-based gaming options to attract the younger generation through the doors, owing to the fact that it seems to be the older punters who prefer a foray into their local casino and the latest attractions could even involve popular gaming franchises such as Call Of Duty or Angry Birds. Whilst it does seem that there are a number of advantages to playing online slots as opposed to the more traditional games, the choice still remains a matter of taste more than anything else and both types of slots certainly still have their own respective merits. Nevertheless, the fact that mobile devices are more widely available and affordable than ever means that online slot games are always simply a click away and the importance of convenience to the modern gamer cannot be understated.

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