Online gambling still king of the UK gambling mountain

With all the articles and new possible legislation on its way from the UK government you would not be blamed for think that as a nation the UK has the reputation of being the biggest gamblers in the world. That is not the case at all, we do have a good employment rate (others would argue) at the moment and people have disposable income to spend when and where they like. So why not spend it on gambling ?

Of course now the other crowd have their own views and I whole heartedly agree that we do have some problem gamblers in our society but why punish the many for the few that have no control (or need medical help) If you think you do have a problem then seek help.

UK Gamblers

Well we are not the biggest gamblers in the world surprisingly Australia is top of the leaderboard. The UK is way down in 10th place with less than £400 spend per head. Topping the chart is Australia.

Chart courtesy of The Economist 


Online gambling still king of the UK gambling mountain –

Online gambling remains the dominant engine of the overall UK gaming industry, according to new figures from the national regulator.

On Thursday, the UK Gambling Commission released the latest installment of its twice-yearly snapshot of the UK gambling industry. The latest report, covering the 12 months spanning April 2016 and March 2017, show gross gambling yield (GGY) of £13.7b, up 1.8% from the report covering April 2015 to March 2016.

Online gambling sites (excluding lottery operators) produced GGY of £4.68b, up 10.1% from the year before. Online gambling accounted for the largest slice of the overall GGY pie, rising 1.5 points to 34%.

Slots accounted for nearly two-thirds (64.5%) of online casino GGY, followed by table games (15.8%), ‘other’ games (12.3%), card games (12.1%) and poker (5.9%). Online betting was predictably dominated by football and horseracing, which together accounted for 51% of the total.

Unfortunately, online gambling also dominated the dreaded ‘social responsibility’ category, accounting for nearly 96% of all customer self-exclusions, as well as 77.6% of breaches of those self-exclusions.

However, the UKGC notes that individual customers have the option of barring themselves from a vast number of individual gambling sites, and thus the true numbers of affected individuals may be significantly lower.

The total number of off-course betting premises across the UK as of September 2017 was 8,502, down 3.9% from March 2017, and marking the fourth consecutive year of declines. Four betting brands control 87.2% of all betting shops, led by William Hill (27.9%), Ladbrokes (20.4%), Betfred (19.7%) and Gala Coral (19.2%).

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