Lights Off For Alea Leeds Casino

Alea Leeds

Closes its doors on the 4th of March 2013. Not only have they withdrawn from the process of applying for a larger Licence (2005 Gaming Act) from the Leeds Council they have dramatically closed the doors at Alea Leeds affecting it is estimated some 100 peoples jobs with the London Club Group (owned by the Caesars Entertainment) which ironically was rumoured  to be up for sale not that long ago. Alea Leeds had been open 4 years and had staged some fantastic events and the Casino itself was a great destination but perhaps being located at the Clarance dock may have been its downfall as it was situated away from the main city Centre

Roy Ramm, governance and public affairs director at London Clubs International said: “Our initial commercial concerns have been caused by the failure of successive governments to provide or seek to provide a fair regulatory and commercially viable operating environment for the terrestrial casino industry.

“We work really hard to provide safe, adult leisure and entertainment venues and real careers for the people who work for us, but government policy towards the industry does not seem to acknowledge those efforts or recognise or promote the industry as a safe and legitimate element of the leisure and tourism sector, providing jobs and investment in the UK.

“We made a significant investment into Alea when it opened in 2008 and have continued to support the business through difficult times for Clarence Dock, but during the bid process we became aware of the full extent of the additional investment sought by the Council in order to win the new licence and it has become clear to us that this additional financial burden is unsustainable.” Source – Yorkshire Post

This is the 3rd Closure of a casino in these recent weeks  Gala Dundee & Genting Derby

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