Gala Dundee Closes its Doors

Gala Dundee Closed

Another chapter in the Gala Coral story. It may be due to the selling of the Gala Casinos to the Rank Group (Grosvenor Casino’s) or just down to the lack of custom in Dundee.However it makes no difference to those who worked there as Gala Dundee has now closed its doors.

A Gala spokeswoman said: “I can confirm the casino in Dundee is going to close on February 16. We are now in consultation with staff.”

The Dundee City Council have agreed to spend £8.5 Million and buy the Gala Dundee Casino along with the Hilton Hotel as part of the water front regeneration project which is estimated to be a total cost of £1 billion.

This coincides with the release of the Gala Coral financial results which has them up by 2% for the same time last year overall the Gala Coral group

Turnover decreased by £0.7m or 2% to £41.4m. A 3% reduction in operating costs resulted in EBITDA (pre-Closed Gala Dundeeexceptionals) £0.2m or 3% lower at £7.0m.Admissions were 11% lower at 909k, offset by a 12% increase in gaming drop per head to £197.25, reflecting the continued focus on higher value players. This resulted in gaming cash drop broadly in line with last year which, combined with an improved gaming gross win percentage of 17.0%, left net income broadly flat.This was a solid performance by the Casino division given the prolonged disruption caused by the Competition Commission review and discussions around the potential disposal of the business.

Gala Dundee Closed ! Have you had the pleasure

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