How to win big at blackjack: rules, options and tactics

How to win big at blackjack: rules, options and tactics

Blackjack has enjoyed a great reputation as being one of the simplest gambling games to play. But despite the ease of gameplay, it has enough complexity and mystery to ensure that people keep coming back to play this famous card game.

Blackjack is hundreds of years old, and has risen to become the most popular casino game in the world that’s also found a new home on many online gaming sites. So what can you do to get ahead in this massively exciting casino game?

The rules of blackjack


Also known as 21, blackjack requires the player to beat the dealer by reaching a final score that’s not higher than 21. Face cards (kings, queens and jacks) count as ten points, whilst aces represent either one or eleven points, and the other cards have their respective obvious numeric values.

The dealer initially gives each player two cards, which means that with a face card and an ace, a player can win on the first hand. But after the first deal, things can get a bit more complicated. So if players wish to emulate some of the recent big online blackjack wins, they’ll need to get to grips with some of the following blackjack tactics.

Best blackjack strategies


If you don’t manage to get lucky by reaching 21 with your opening hand, you’ll quickly need to decide whether to take an additional card or stick with what you’ve got. Obviously, if you’ve got a total value of 20, then it’s probably a good idea to stick, but if you’ve got a number between 12 and 17, then that’s when you need to start understanding the laws of probability.

The best way to do this is through practice at sites like LadyLucks where you can make yourself comfortable with the trickier numbers in the game so that you don’t make any foolish gambles and go bust.

Advanced options


Whilst the above playing methods will get you through your first attempts at blackjack, be warned that there are plenty of advanced strategies that can really ramp up the action.

Whether it’s taking insurance in the form of a side bet, or even having multiple decks of cards to boost the house advantage, it’s clear that this game can quickly get pretty complex. And many gamers have used the concept of card counting to give them a real advantage against the dealer.

But like many other popular casino games, getting a good idea of the basic gameplay and knowing when to walk away from a bad bet are the most important parts of this fascinating card game.

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