Who Gambles More? Men or Women?

Who Gambles More? Men or Women?

Gambling is usually believed to be a male-dominated space. After all, it involves all the qualities/aspects particular to men- addiction, risk-taking ability, a penchant for money, etc. However, is it really true that women are not quite fond of casino games?

Gambling: Men Vs Women

Although there are few studies done on the popularity of gambling between men and women, it’s easy to say that men do gamble more often. Although they are also more likely to develop gambling problems compared to women, according to the study commissioned by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

One thing that clearly differentiates women from men in the context of gambling, is their reasons to play. For instance, most women only play in online casinos to have some fun. They usually go for slots and bingo games like Ted and Fruity Friends available on Karamba. They look at gambling as a distraction from their routine life. So, whether they win or lose, it doesn’t bother them so much as long as they are having fun.

Men, on the other hand, take gambling quite seriously. They play to win. They also like to play with a strategy, as they try to increase their odds of winning. This is the reason you will find so many of them online learning the skills on how to play Texas No Limit Hold’em Poker. Their aim is to make as much money as possible, and for that, they are often willing to place high bets as well.

What do Stats Say?

A survey was carried out in January 2016, in which about 1,000 people who had partaken in gambling before were asked a series of questions. It led to several interesting findings.

For starters, it was found that for men, sports betting is all the rage, which isn’t much of a surprise, really. We all know the natural liking that men have for sports.

Game Preferences

About 73% of the men who were surveyed said that they preferred to bet on sports when gambling online. About 29.18% of the men said they preferred poker. Surprisingly, 28.65% of the men said they loved the game of the good ol’ bingo.

For women, online bingo happens to be the most popular form of gambling, as about 60% of the participants said they played it a month before. However, sports betting found some love here as well, as about 40% of the women said they preferred sports betting over other games.

Spending Habits

The survey turned the widely-held belief of “men spending more money on gambling than women” into a fact.  In fact, the spending habits of men and women turned out to be more varied than you could have imagined.

It was found that 51.8% of women spend between 1-10 pounds a week, compared to just 35.9% of men. However, when we move to the “11-20 pounds” segment, women accounted for 19%, while men accounted for 25.4%.

The most surprising difference was observed in the overall financial profile of men and women. Apparently, twice as many men spend more than £500 a week than women!

The Bottom Line

Coming back to the original question once again, there is no denying that men love to gamble way more than women. However, with online gambling, the gap certainly seems to be shrinking, which is indeed something to be happy about.


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