The Dos and Don’ts of Playing Pocket Aces

The Dos and Don’ts of Playing Pocket Aces

The number one mistake in poker, is to look down at your cards, see you have pocket aces and presume you’ve won. True, it’s the best starting hand you can get in the 169 possible starting hands in Texas Hold’em poker. Yet, a pocket ace is no guarantee of a win, especially if you make silly mistakes due to over-confidence.

To win with a pocket ace still takes skill, and this guide explains in detail exactly how you should strategize and play a pocket ace, however, for the simple dos and don’ts of pocket aces, here are some golden rules that should help:

Always Remember a Pocket Ace is Beatable

It’s tempting to see a pocket ace and presume you’ve won, but you should treat a pocket ace just like any other hand. You need to be constantly thinking of what combinations your opponent could have and weather they might beat you. After all, you may have two aces, but if you don’t hit a set, all you really have at the end of the game is one pair.

Avoid Slowplaying

Amateurs will often see a pocket ace and think it’s the perfect hand for a slow play, but this should always be avoided as it can so easily backfire. Just think, if you slow play and your hand doesn’t work out, you’ll have other players calling, and you know if a player calls they’re going to have a better hand than a mere pair.

Beware Pocket Aces in Large Games

Receiving pocket aces in a game against two or three players is brilliant, but as your opponent numbers increase, your chance to win decreases. So, if you find yourself with a pocket ace in a large field, you should be cautious of your next moves, as you’re facing a lot more random hands that may have a nasty surprise waiting.

Your Bets are Telling

Many new or inexperienced players think poker is won by bluffing with big bets which is often a tell-tale to experienced players that you have nothing, but raising just the minimum can make it incredibly obvious too, showing that you likely have a big hand. A minimum raise gives the impression that you’re looking for action, but to win easier with pocket aces, you want other players to drop out until – ideally – you’re left with just one opponent.

A good poker face is, of course, ideal for any hand of poker. Don’t show your inexperience by reacting to finding yourself with a pocket ace!

Never Show Your Aces

It can be disappointing to have the dream that is pocket aces, for the table to only raise a few times before folding. This is still a win! Don’t be tempted to then complain that you had pocket aces and could have won so much more, this will only show the entire table your strategy when it comes to pocket aces, so if you receive them again people may realise and look for ways to beat you. Simply show just one of your aces, you’ll show table dominance to those who folded, without giving away your secrets.




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