Gamblers Paradise Southend Really

Gamblers Paradise

After reading an article in the Echo News yet again the sensualisation of Casinos is rife, Gamblers Paradise in Southend on Sea  ! Really, the population is close to 200,000 people and I am sure you can only get hundreds in any one venue at a time. New Casino create jobs, they create places to go thus bringing in visitors to the place, more money spent locally boosts the local economy. There is reference in the article to gambling addiction but as I have said before its one of your life choices. We don’t see the papers scream when a new restaurant opens (you can eat in a casino) You don’t see negative headlines when a new bar opens (you can drink in a casino) and for sure when a new music venue opens to cultivate Talent you certainly do not see scenes the same as Footloose (yes live acts do perform in casinos). This is just my opinion on Casinos, what is the number when there are TOO many casino ? Vegas. You decide read the article Gamblers Paradise

With a third casino coming, has Southend become a gambler’s paradise?

7:40am Wednesday 2nd October 2013 in News

With a third casino coming, has Southend become a gambler’s paradise?With a third casino coming, has Southend become a gambler’s paradise?

IT may not quite be Las Vegas yet, but Southend is showing signs of becoming an Essex gambling Mecca.

Next year, the town will boast its third casino within two miles on the seafront.

The Grosvenor Casino is set to open at the Park Inn Palace Hotel, in Church Road, by the summer.

It will join the Rendezvous Casino at the Kursaal and the Genting Club in Western Esplanade, Westcliff, in the centre of town.

There has also been talk about a fourth casino – as part of the new complex for Southend United’s planned Fossetts Farm development – but this appears to have been dropped.

But the three casinos, added to numerous betting shops and odd bingo hall in town, shows there is certainly no shortage of places to have a flutter in town.

Martin Terry, leader of the independent group on Southend Council, believes the town’s proximity to the capital, and residents with spare cash, is behind the surge in gambling outlets.

He said: “I think it shows the area is relatively affluent, and that we’re an extension of London in a way.

“People enjoy nights out at casinos. They work hard in London and want to spend their cash locally. There’s been a lot of regeneration in the town. Southend is a more attractive place to come. I know that people use the airport and stop for a night out in town now.

“People will oppose things like a new casino for ideological reasons, like they did with the airport, but that has given us 850 jobs and this creates jobs, too.”

Tom Byrne, 67, a salesman butcher at Smithfield meat market, in London, enjoys an occasional bet and visit to the casino.

Mr Byrne of St Paul’s Road, Canvey, said: “If you bet more than you can afford, then it’s a problem, but if you are sensible then you won’t have any problems.

“I likeaflutter now and then on the football or gee gees, but I don’t spend more than about £20 a week on it at most.

“It’s the thrill of winning that you do it for – it’s the buzz you get.”

However, retired David Williams, 71, of Little Wheatley Chase, Rayleigh, thinks there is a darker side to the gambling industry.

He said: “I’ve got a 25-year-old relative with no money–he’s got payday loans coming out of his ears.

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