Life Choices ! You Don’t Have to Gamble £250,000 Down

Life Choices

I have just read an article and to me its a simple choice, one of life choices. It is about an individual who makes  a choice to walk into a bookmakers and place a bet on  a electronic gaming machine (know in the industry as a FOBT) and he wins, 10 times his stake, the END. Well it could have been and this is where one of  life choices comes in, apparently he had hardly gambled until he was 38 ! yes, 38 I said, and by this time in his life you would have thought that he would have developed some sense of self responsibly.

I personally know that I have an addiction problem and that addiction can be to anything, its in my nature, that’s me and that’s how I am made ! What I do is take responsibly for my own actions. It is one  of  my Life Choices, I drink (at times to much), I smoke, and yet again at times far to much and it has 2 effects, my health and my pocket but that is one of my life choices, I do it through my own choice, no one forces me and I am of an age where peer pressure does not effect me any more. I did gamble quite a lot and I did have my own “system” and I had my ups & downs on the cash-flow,  but once I had responsibilities in my life I made another one of my  Life Choices, I stopped. I can see the danger and the potential of the addiction in any situation and if I am thinking clearly at that time I will not DO IT. Occasionally I make a mistake and get involved in Life Choices something that gets me addicted, but that’s one of my life choices, as I am a responsible adult and if it costs me financially the that’s my own fault, one of my own life choices, I do not seek to blame anyone for my mistakes, my choice, my loss.

Life choices

The freedom to choose what you do and when you do it is still ours at this time today, I personally do not want to be a part of a nanny state. I wish to make my own life choices and right or wrong actually learn from them. I want to take responsibility for my OWN actions and so should you. It is as simple as left or right! Yes Or No.

Quote from the story

‘They should be banned,’ he said firmly. ‘You can win so much money so quickly, but you can lose it all, too, and much more. It’s not like casinos, it’s just so easy to walk into a bookmaker – there are four round the corner from where I live.

‘If politicians haven’t the guts to ban them altogether, they should have just one in each shop with a time limit. Otherwise you’ll have many more people like me.’



So regulation is the answer ! I agree completely, its one of your life choices, its called self regulation, your choice your fault. I am sure if this particular person had won £250,000 you would not have heard a peep from him.

At C4D we promote everything that happens within the Casino, its not just about the gambling as there is so much more to see and do, its one of your life choices, yours to make, and this is not just simply about gambling its about every one of YOUR life choices you make. Sometimes your right sometimes your wrong, learn move on and get on DO NOT lay the blame with anyone else except your self. Stand up be strong and say I made that choice.

There is a few people out there who do genuinely have a problem for more advice and help > Gamble Aware <  > Priory<  > Counselling Directory <

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