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An Interview with Vincent Dale Presently GM of The Grosvenor Cardiff G Casino

 I have been lucky enough to persuade Vincent GM at the Grosvenor Cardiff G Casino into answering a few questions about himself and his life in the Casino Industry.

C4D: Vincent tell Me a Little about yourself

Vincent: I am currently, General Manager of Grosvenor Cardiff G Casino having made my way here via Plymouth and Birmingham. Before that I was working on the ships for 16 years, both cruise and daily gambling ships. I have two teenage daughters that keep me grounded.


C4D: I know you have been in the Industry for a long time, How long has it been and what lured you to the Industry in the first place. (did you ever want to do anything else)

Vincent: I have been in the industry since 1979; I kind of stumbled into it. I was working in a bookies and saw an advert, it seemed exciting plus you didn’t have to get up inGrosvenor Casino G Cardiff the morning, pre 24 hours of course. I trained in Bristol on Park Street above a strip club. I did spend some time with Radio Lollipop Children’s hospital radio, so perhaps that could have been a career path if I had not been for the ships


C4D: I heard that you was nearly a sailor ! but seriously which did you prefer Working in the Industry on the ships or Land based Casinos

Vincent: The ships were fantastic but after doing 16 years on them I couldn’t say otherwise, but looking back it could have just been, being young is fantastic and you forget the bad things in life.I would recommend anyone trying it though it has changed a lot from when I started and even more since I left. The main difference is the people are on holiday so are in a more relaxed state of mind. The emphasis is on entertaining the customer, though now this is in the forefront of G Casinos, so going forward from a dealer’s point of view there will be less difference.

C4D: Where did your travels on the ships take you and what was your favourite destination

Vincent: In 16 years you can sail to a lot of places. I have done a lot of the Caribbean as I was based in Florida, I Sailed out of LA and NYC the Med and even crossed the Atlantic 4 times. It sounds clichéd but the best times depended on the people you were working with. If I had to pick a destination it would be San Diego, loved the climate and so much to do.


Social media Casino JobsC4D: As the most active GM in the country in social media do you feel that social media will play a big part in the future of business for casinos (how do you see it shaping the business)

Vincent: I feel it is developing and developing fast. Its main benefit is that you can interact with your customers and potential customers directly, but I feel that some are just using to advertise. Another concern is the speed of it, especially Twitter and I can see in the future having to employ staff just to take care of this side of the business.


C4D: The Casino has just recently undergone a change to include a function room and the word “diversity” which seems to be the buzz word of the moment , do you think that the gaming will ever play second fiddle to the location at Grosvenor Cardiff G Casino or any other Casino

Vincent: The “Function” room is in fact our poker room that we hire out during the day to people for conferences etc. I can’t see any ancillary income ever overtaking gaming but we are putting Lady G Show bars in the new built Gs and these are self contained and very popular. (The first Lady G Show Bar is in the Grosvenor G Coventry and was purposely built for entertainment)

GM Grosvenor Casino

C4D: The role of the GM how has that changed over the years, Recently I had a post from Coral Island Casino saying that they wanted more than the standard Casino old School Manager.

Vincent: I saw that advert and can agree that the skill sets is changing. We are now employing Service managers with specific roles and skills sets and only one of these roles is gaming focus. As a GM you need to be focus on all aspects of the business and gaming is just a part of the whole business. We have GMs in Grosvenor that do not have any experience in casino gaming and they run very successful business’s.


C4D: Speaking of Fun, what do you do for Fun when you are not at Grosvenor Cardiff G Casino

Vincent: When I do have time I spend it out with my dogs, I have a Labrador and a Labradoodle. We are very lucky in Wales as the countryside is beautiful.

I also enjoy visiting food festivals’ which we also seem to have a lot of in Wales


If you have had the chance to visit Grosvenor Cardiff G Casino share your Experiences with us. If you would like to share a little of yourself on C4D please contact us and we would be happy to do so, no matter what your position is in the Casino, the only requirement is that you presently work in one


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