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Croupier Training

If you have decided to pursue a career in the Casino Industry you will require some croupier training, some Casinos and Casino groups still hold croupier training in house but there are many companies providing croupier training now and some even guarantee employment at the end of the course as they work very closely with the casinos. At the moment there is a distinct lack qualified croupiers in the UK so this may just be the right Career choice for you . Once you are a trained croupier and have your PFL  and have a little experience behind you the world is truly your oyster. There are casinos all around the world  or you could travel the world on a cruise liner working within the Casino On-board.

All Croupier Training Schools are being verified again due to some know closures. If you urgently need to know a location of a training school near you please contact us and we will do our best to locate one close to you. 

The List will be added to once the other training schools have been recommended  and verified, if you know of any training schools that are not on the list please let me know us know and share your experiences good or bad. WANTED trainees to share their croupier training experience, a daily diary to share on here from the start to job placement so people can really decided if this is a career for them. So if you are an individual or a Training school and would like to participate please contact us

Manchester Croupier Training

Cerus Casino Academy

CCA, Cerus Casino Academy, is the leading training academy in Europe with over 10 years experience providing quality training for croupiers and slot technicians for the casino industry. It now operates from ten different locations: Manchester,Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Logo_CCA1 160Strasbourg, Namur, Madrid, Rome and Nicosia.


London Croupier Training


The London Academy kindly did a post on their training school for more info click ME

The London School Of Gaming 

The London School of Gaming provides croupier training to the highest standard to meet the needs of the top Casinos in London. Croupier Training Directory
We offer 2 services:
1) Croupier training
2) Guaranteed job placement in a London casino or your money back (job placement fee only) Terms & Conditions apply.
Our trainee croupiers are keen and enthusiastic.  Because you are paying for your own training we expect you to be highly committed.

Ace Academy

We were established in 2016 to provide quality training for croupiers based on a high standard 8-week practice-based training.
The knowledge that you will gain from our training makes you ready for a professional life and will help you find a job in a UK casino. After our

croupier training

 training croupiers are prepared to start their career in one of over 140 casinos in the UK, and we will help you to find your dream job.
Your job prospects are made easier thanks to the partnerships between various casinos and Ace Academy as we are highly involved with helping employment throughout the gambling industry in the UK.
We can also assist you with getting English lessons if necessary and even finding an accommodation during the course.
We train our students to a very high standard, and our trainees are in high demand once they have completed our training course. All applicants will apply for and receive a current UK Gaming Board licence (PFL – Personal Functional Licence)  before they complete their course.

AK Casino Training

The first course we offer is our Croupier Training: Beginner course. In this course our trainers will teach you American Roulette, BlackJack, Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker. You will learn the basic rules of each game, chip cutting and stack pushing, various multiplication tables, odds of all games, how to shuffle cards, bet placement, customer service and much much more. contact here

Seefar Associates

New Casino Training Course in casino games, American Roulette, Blackjack and Three Card Poker. We also place candidates in a casino on successful completion of the course. Also, we can help to find accommodation if required. In 1998 Seefar Associates Ltd founded the Academy of Gaming to meet the growing industry need for personnel. The school provides training over a six-week period to suitable candidates in the skills of American Roulette, Blackjack and Stud Poker. The school is located in Gravesend, Kent and offers six week courses in the games of American Roulette, Blackjack and Stud Poker. Training is compatible with employment in casinos in the UK. contact here 

Wales Croupier Training

Croupier Training Academy

Here at Croupier Training Academy we are recognised as a professional training provider for the Gaming Industry. We have over 25 years experience in this field, from working in the UK, abroad and on Cruise Ships. Our aim is to pass our knowledge onto our students, and with the highest standard of training get them into one of the 144 operating Casino’s in the UK or numerous Cruise Liners and Casino’s Worldwide. contact here 

Blackpool Croupier Training

National Gaming Academy

Here you can access a unique set of qualifications, designed to underpin a rewarding career in the rapidly expanding gaming industry. Our groundbreaking courses have been developed with industry for industry, and have earned us a Beacon Award for Innovation in Curriculum Leadership. Welcome to Blackpool and The Fylde College, one of the UK’s leading Further Education colleges. Our reputation for excellence has developed through professionalism and passion for learning, helped by talented staff, outstanding resources and massive commitment to learner support. contact here 


Cardiff Gaming Academy

Here at Cardiff Gaming Academy we strive to bestow the most current and highest standard of croupier training in the UK. We have a collective experience of over 30 years in the industry and provide croupier training, refresher courses, fun casino hire and poker parties. Our courses cover American Roulette, Blackjack, cardiff croup academyCardroom and more. We always have a low ratio of trainer to trainee to ensure adequate table time and tutor interaction.

We only provide the best croupiers to the industry and pride ourselves in quality of training. We guarantee to find you employment in the UK within a 12 week period of completing the course or refund 50% of your course fees (Providing you qualify for the UK gaming licence and pass our course) contact here


Whether at one of our superb academies or at our schools that take place inside a casino, learning to be a croupier will give you a skill for life and allow you to work in the exciting world of casinos. Casinos all over the world require experienced croupiers and you can even travel the world working on cruise ships. Contact us now for details of upcoming courses. contact here

Train 2 Deal Croupier Academy

Train 2 deal croupier academy provides croupier training to the highest standard to meet the needs of the top Casinos in the United Kingdom. We are based in Scarborough. The knowledge gained from training will give you an excellent chance of breaking into the 140+ casinos in the UK.

If you are a casino and have vacancies for croupiers, we can help you to find high quality, fully trained staff. All applicants for our courses are fully vetted, and will have a current UK gambling commission gaming licence by the end of the course.. contact here

European Croupier Training

Coming Soon

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