Electronic Gaming Terminals How it All Started

Electronic Gaming Terminals

Introduced onto the Casino gaming floor several years ago and they were an instant success. I can remember that we installed into 2 Casinos in London, 8 terminals in each casino (thats all the casinos were willing to risk on this new crazy metal box) The installation took around 4 days, 2 days for the physical and 2 days to train the staff. The 3rd installation of the electronic gaming terminals was in Gala Regent St Northampton and we heard a rumour that the first club to have the Electronic Gaming Terminals had ordered another 8 terminals. We carried on and then moved to the 4th installation which was the Grosvenor Casino in PENTAX ImageLeeds, lots of stairs, lots of panting and grunting on that one. The 5th installation was at a Stanley Casino in Leith (now Genting of course) That was an exhausting few weeks but we had a beer to look forward to in Leith,but let me just say that the drinking house’s closest to the casino were of an interesting and unusual mix. Luckily we found a late opening students bar bordering on acceptable and the “norm”. When we got back to the office the following week the rumours were true, every casino that had the Electronic Gaming Terminals on trial had confirmed their order to purchase and had also doubled their order. It was the birth of new and innovative product within the casino environment. Orders were placed from the original casinos and more orders placed by Casinos wanting in on the new product. Electronic Gaming Terminals were born and were going viral. The original technology was Windows NT and the software updates were done on Floppy Disks.

There have been many many copies since the original Electronic Gaming Terminals and it may have been a case of right time right place for the suppliers and distributors in the UK market. If you don’t know who it was already I will reveal later in the post. We (The Company I use to work for) had some technology the manufacturers  really wanted and what really enhanced the performance and the likeability of the Electronic Gaming Terminals.

Electronic Gaming Terminals What Are They

The terminal (metal box) basically consists of

  • Touch screen  (originally a CRT can you remember them)
  • Bill Acceptor (Bill Validator)
  • Coin Acceptor (Not So Common Now)
  • Power Supply (To power the peripheral devices)
  • Small computer (With a network card)
  • Ticket Printer
  • Live streaming image of actual game (required by gaming law)

The electronic gaming terminal is remotely connected to a roulette table within the casino, allowing you to place bets on a live (real table) without the need to be actually sat at the roulette table . In essence it is your own little gaming space, your virtual gaming platform within a casino full of people.

Electronic Gaming Terminals Where do the Numbers Come From

As I mentioned the terminal has a network card (now a port inbuilt to the motherboard of the computer) so the terminal was connected a server and the server was connected to a device on the roulette wheel which reads the numbers. Today the electronic reading technology is inbuilt in the wheel. The device which reads the number ( I will cover how it reads the numbers in a later post) changes it into an electronic signal thus enabling it to be transmitted to any other device connected to it on the network (Usually a LAN as gaming law restricts and governs restrictions transmitting to the WAN) The creative use of computer technology and networking enabled the casinos to multiply the players at a single table twenty fold ( Usual amount of players per roulette table is 8, theoretical amount of remote computers on a Local area network are 256 Electronic Gaming Terminals minus the amount of servers required to run the system) The largest network of Electronic Gaming Terminals to date in the UK is Aspers Stratford with 106 Electronic Gaming Terminals.

Roulette Wheel Reading Technology Diagram
Roulette Wheel Reading Technology Diagram

Electronic Gaming Terminals Customers Wants

  • Easy to use interface (not complicated)
  • Bill acceptor, reliable
  • Loyalty Card acceptor (Ideally one card fits all casinos)
    •   (Wish list to include social profile so you can let your friends know how well you are doing)repeat bet
  • Responsive touch screen
  • Repeat bet function
  • Winning number history
  • Clear video display of live wheel
  • Multiple bet options
  • Comfy, yes comfy they like to sit and relax most of the time

Electronic Gaming Terminals Operators Wants

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Accounting system
  • Game history logs
  • Error logs history
  • Bill acceptor, reliable (to many rejects customer walks away)
    • ease of use for casino staff to clear any jams
    • security / non acceptance of fakes
      • (Wish List) able to do own software updates
  • Remote diagnostics (less down time)
    • (wish list) how to fix common problems help files
  • Connectivity
    • ability to connect to any manufacturer’s system
      • Tito or SAS system (future proof)
      • Any input system, roulette, card system, slot content
  • Design
    • ergonomic and appealing
      • (Wish List) Modular panels and the ability to change the outward appearance
        • Outward appearance either to refurb existing design or change the design completely



The first terminals to be installed into the UK Casinos were the Novomatics Terminals, as they were the first they have become the industry standard that all other Electronic Gaming Terminals have been judge by (well that’s my humble opinion) They have often been criticised by the design ( a little square) but the

Industry Standard ? Novomatics
Industry Standard ? Novomatics

Novomatics terminals are virtually bomb proof, they take the knocks bumps, drink spills from customers and the constant abuse of casino operators wanting them repositioned within the casino. They have in the past been stripped down sand blasted and re-coated in a choice of finishes of the customers requirements. Long lasting and very very practical.

We will be comparing all the available Electronic Gaming Terminals so you as a customer can see what you like and as an operator you can see the benefits for your Casino. If we have overlooked any wants and desires or ideas on the future Electronic Gaming Terminals please let us know at C4D and we will suggest the changes to the people who make them (we do know a few of them actually)

What Would You Suggest The Next Generation of Electronic Gaming Terminals Have As Standard 

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