What is a mobile casino?

A mobile casino is an online casino that you can access, play and wager at via your mobile device. 

In recent years many online casinos have transitioned their online casino experience to mobile phones, allowing their players to access their casinos from anywhere when they’re on the go! Being able to have access to everything from anywhere in the world, within a matter of minutes is becoming more and more important, and the online casino have recognised this!

How do I play at a mobile casino? 

There are two ways to play at mobile casinos

  • The first way is via a standard web browser via your internet app on your mobile phone. All you need to do is type in the online casinos web address, then log-in and start playing! 
  • The second method is slightly more complicated to begin with. You’ll need to access the Android or App store to download the online casinos mobile application. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need to open it and log-in to start playing. 

Can I play any casino game on my mobile?

You’ll be able to play most games on your mobile. However, you may not be able to play Live Dealer games, so you’ll need to go on your desktop or laptop for those! But every other game available at an online casino should be accessible via your mobile phone. 

Can I play casino games for free on my mobile? 

Yes you can. The way in which you play casino games at an online casino is essentially the same way you play them on your mobile. Which in most instances are free! The great thing is, most online casinos will offer their mobile players new and different offers and promotions to those playing on their desktop or laptop. Therefore, you may get the opportunity to try and play several games for free before depositing any of your own money! 

Will I get a welcome bonus when playing on my mobile? 

When an online casino player transitions from the web to mobile it usually means they’ve just unlocked a new range of offers and promotions, which can include a brand new mobile welcome bonus! Why not give it and try and see for yourself?

Is it safe to play at a mobile casino? 

The answer is yes, it is safe to play at a mobile casino. In most instances, a mobile version of an online casino uses the same methods of safety and security as the web version, therefore ensuring safe and fair play to all customers, no matter which device they’re using to access the casino! 

Can I use the same login information as my computer? 

Yes you can. You’ll need to either type in the online casinos web address into your mobile device, or download the casinos web application. Once you’ve done this you can log-in using the same login credentials you’ve used to access the online casino via your desktop or laptop. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!