The most popular high stakes casino games

Everyone likes to have fun in the casino. Relaxing with friends over a few drinks while experiencing the thrill of a blackjack hand or a spin of the roulette wheel, there’s always the chance of winning some cash.

But while many are happy to gamble with small amounts of money, there are always the high rollers, those with a substantial bankroll that they can use to place much bigger bets than everyone else.

These high rollers, sometimes referred to as whales, seemingly have money to burn, andthe casino is a great place to try and make even more cash. It can be fun watching them in action, both in a real casino and online, perhaps dreaming that one day you can also play at the high stakes.

In this article,we look at what are the most popular high stakes casino games. If you’re lucky enough to have the financial clout, you can go to to experience them for yourself.


Baccarator Baccara is a favourite for high rollers. Three variants of the game – punto banco, chemin de ferand baccarat banque– put the player against the house banker. Some say the game was brought to France as early as the end of the 15thcentury by soldiers returning from the Franco-Italian War during the reign of Charles VIII.

In modern casinos it’s common for high-stakes baccarat tables to be sectioned off from the main gaming area, affording the wealthy privacy as they play away from prying eyes.

The game is particularly popular in Asia. Visitors to Macau will be amazed by the number of baccarat games on offer in the buzzing casinos.

It’s also a favourite of James Bond. The world’s best spy played the game in various movies, including Casino Royale, Dr No, Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, For Your Eyes Only and GoldenEye. Here you can see the cool Sean Connery version of Bond in action during Dr No.


Those with cash to burn can often find the highest stakes available in a casino at the roulette tables. In some cases, the overall maximum bet is an eye-watering£500,000. Unlike blackjack, where you place one single bet each round, you can make many wagers at the roulette table.

You’ll often see players betting on multiple single and groups of numbers, red or black, odd or even and then lines and rows. The placement appears random, but some say they have a system and stick to it.

For the high rollers looking for an instant gamble, roulette is perfect, and watching them play at high stakes is an interesting experience. If they get lucky, the returns can be huge. Imagine betting the maximum £500,000 on the number 7, and winning? Your returns would be £18 million!

But how much liquid capital would you need in the bank before contemplating making such a bet?


Blackjack is the most popular casino table game in the US and Europe. If you went to a casinoor registered to an online casino, you’ll soon realise there are many different stakes you can play.

There will be a level to suit most budgets; certainly,the high rollers are well cateredfor. The whales love blackjack, where they can bet as much as tens of thousands on each hand. They enjoy playing the game because the house only has a low edge and, unlike roulette, there is an element of skill and decision making involved.


Where once slot machines or the original one-armed bandits were played for pennies (you put your coins in the slot), modern versions are very different.

In real casinos,you can load up with an electronic ticket, or add bills to play, but at online casinos,you can easily play for high stakes. Some of the casinos with popular games like Age of Gods allow spins for up to $1,000 a time.

When you consider how fast it takes for each spin, it’s easy to see how the high rollers can feel at home. And the higher the limits, the higher the potential payouts!


We’re not talking about video poker, or casino hold’em poker here, but proper poker with players playing each other rather than a table game against the house.

The bigger live and online casinos will offer poker, with cash games having a wide variety of limits. Blinds can be as high as $1,000-$2,000 in the biggest games in Las Vegas, which means you should sit down at the table with at least $200,000 toplay comfortably.

Some casinos offer tournament poker. For the hobbyist player,you can get a fun tournament for a $50 buy-in. But for the high rollers, they can fork out $1 million, yes one million bucks, to play in the Big One for One Drop tournament held as part of the popular World Series of Poker at the Rio in Las Vegas. The winner of the 2018 tournament, professional player Justin Bonomo, won $10 million.

Are you a whale? The casinos will love you

If you’re fortunate enough to be a high roller, the casinos will love having you visit. After all, they have the mathematical edge at all table games, so the more you’re willing to bet, the more they can win.

It’s not uncommon for the casinos in Vegas to pay for travel and lavish accommodation for high rollersand to extend them a huge line of credit.

Who knows, one day it could be you!