The Best Casino Apps For Croupiers Players And Trainees

The Best Casino Apps

A long time ago we at C4D had an idea for an app for the casino business but years ago the app developers were far and few between not to mention very expensive to hire. Fast forward a few years and now there is thousands upon thousands of apps, some good some bad. Now the app we had in mind has been made a few times over rather than reinvent the wheel we decided to bring together a collection of Casino related apps, no we have not tried them all or tested their functionality we are just letting you know what’s  available to you. None of these apps allow you to play the actual games.

The Best Casino Apps For Croupiers

The first 3 Apps are designed to help Croupiers or people wishing to  be croupiers so they can practice their maths skills to help paying out bets and improve their mathematical dexterity

The Croupier test by Jan Kulhany  £2.49

This App is a learn and play tool for croupiers and trainee croupiers, it does have the benefit of having roulette and blackjack based test. It also has different levels of tests to challenge the more experienced croupiers as well. At the time of this post it had 2 Five star reviews


iCroupier by Digital Sofa Development Ltd £2.49

The i Croupier app comes with Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat/Punto and Three Card Poker so this may be a little better in value with the added games on there. No reviews at the time of this post


Baccarat Calculator HD £1.99

Designed solely for the purpose of Baccarat so you would hope that it is better designed as its a stand alone single app. At the time of this post no customer reviews.


The Best Casino Apps For Players

The next batch of apps are designed so you as a customer can actually check that you are being payed out correctly, No I don’t think it would ever be the casino policy to swindle you out of a few pounds and risk all that bad publicity. It will be more a case of the croupier making a simple mistake, after all there is many a distraction in the casino and with the amount of bets they have to calculate in a day I am not surprised that on a very rare occasion they might have got it wrong.

Casino Calculator by Jan Kulhany  £0.69

For you to be able to check that as a customer in a casino that you have received the correct payout from the dealer, you can set the chip value from 0.25p up to £100 pounds. At the time of this post it has 2 five star reviews.


Roulette Calculator Pro £0.69

Designed for both the American and European roulette wheels with colour coded chips to assist in calculation. No reviews at the time of posting.


Roulette Calculator Free

Another simple app designed to ensure that you are paid your winning roulette bets correctly. 1 five star review at the time of posting.


The Best Casino Apps For Player Prediction

The next batch of apps are predictors, in the fact they claim they can enhance your chances by predicting what the outcome should be, or to reduce the odds by enhancing probability. Of course none of these apps can guarantee a return on your bets. The odds are the same every single spin.

RouletteBetter £13.99

Quite a pricey app but it promises software that can suggest bets or you can just look at the statistics and make a more informed choice.It does have the Gland Martingale and the D’lambert  strategies in the most current software release. No current reviews or ratings at the time of this post.


Roulette Statistics £13.99

Another pricey app but this one you can enter the winning numbers from multiple tables and also allows you to take a picture to attach to the different tables (if they allow you to take a picture of the table in the casino). It has a multitude of statistical data.


Roulette Analytics £2.49

This time a cheaper app to gather all the inforamtion. Built in algorithms to give real time statistics to improve your probability of winning. There are no reviews or ratings at the time of this post.


Whats The Best Casino Apps you have on your Phone

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