MILTON KEYNES, UK, 5 February 2014 – Tensator, the world leader in customer journey management, has embarked on its first relationship with the UK gaming industry by joining forces with Grosvenor Casinos to help bring virtual casino hosts to casinos across the Casino VA (3)country.

The UK’s leading casino operator, Grosvenor Casinos, is looking to install Tensator’s Virtual Assistant Ultra at a number of sites across the country over the coming months, with the first trial now in place at the Grosvenor G Casino in Luton.

Utilising the latest cutting-edge technology, the Tensator Virtual Assistant creates the illusion of a real life Grosvenor Casinos Live Casino host and is designed to offer a range of information for casino guests.

‘Lisa’ not only provides customers with a warm welcome, but she also offers information on Grosvenor’s Live Casino, which is the latest product to launch online at grosvenorcasinos.com, as well as general gaming information, details on special events and alerts people to food and drink offers.

Ajay Joshi, head of media and technology at Tensator, believes that having the Tensator Virtual Assistant will allow Grosvenor Casinos to better engage with its customer base:

“When we first met with Grosvenor Casinos it was clear that the team was looking for an innovative way to showcase the variety of gaming and leisure options that their venues offer. The Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra provides the perfect solution to literally bring that message to life.

“Casinos attract a wide demographic of visitors, from experienced gamers to VIPs and first-time guests. As the Tensator Virtual Assistant is designed to showcase a number of messages, it provides an effective form of marketing for each of those groups.”

With the first virtual host now in place, Kelly Hailou, head of promotions & merchandising for Grosvenor Casinos, hopes they will become a familiar site for customers nationwide. She comments:

“We were looking for something different that could clearly communicate messages to customers in an innovative way. I had experienced the Virtual Assistant as a consumer and it really caught my eye. It is clear and concise in its delivery and you have the flexibility to make it really stand out from other marketing tools as it can be completely tailored to your requirements.

“We’re using the Virtual Assistant in our casinos primarily for the launch of Grosvenor Live Casino, which is where our customers can play online with live casino dealers in real time. We’re currently in the early stages but so far the customer feedback has been really positive.”

With a footprint of just 50cm x 50cm, the Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra is perfect for locations like casinos where space can often be at a premium. Its slim-line design means it can be easily moved to almost any position within the venue, helping to target different customer groups. The Tensator Virtual Assistant creates a flexible point of difference for conveying important messages, driving online traffic, dealing with frequently asked questions and helping casino team members to promote special offers in an innovative way to ultimately increase revenues.

“The virtual casino host concept creates a talking point and you can’t fail to notice it,” concluded Ajay.

“Most consumers have become desensitised to traditional forms of marketing through overexposure. The Tensator Virtual Assistant creates a point of difference, offering an engaging experience for guests to become fully immersed in the Grosvenor Casinos brand.”

For more on Tensator’s range of products for the retail and leisure sector, visit http://www.tensator.com/uk/sectors/retail.aspx.


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