Starburst Slot Guide

Starburst Slot Guide

The Starburst slot is one of the leading online slots titles that have been produced by iGaming giant, Net Entertainment. Known for their innovative online gaming, NetEnt have taken us into the future by looking back at the past, with this funky, jewelled up, spaced out, slots machine that features the best of both worlds.

Starburst’s aim is to dazzle the senses, and not only does it do this with sight and sounds, but also cleverly gives a feeling of increased gameplay speed, and it certainly doesn’t feel like it drops the ball for a second.

Famed for its mesmerising visual qualities, the sparkling symbols and Win celebration of Starburst really are a sight to behold, and it is the mix of vibrant colours, dynamic graphics, soothing sounds and old school arcade atmosphere on offer from this slot that has seen it quickly become a firm fan favourite.

The game of Starburst operates with 5 reels and 3 rows. Players can choose to play 1 to 10 lines; bets can be made between 10 and 100 lots, and the coin value can be set between $0.01 and $1.00. This means the betting range of the game is between $0.10 and $100. A grand prize on offer per spin of 50,000 coins is on offer, while for those that are playing at home with real money a jackpot of $2,500 awaits.  For more information on this, check out

In terms of special symbols, the game offers two – Win Both Ways and Starburst Wild.

The first one, Win Both Ways, is a feature that does as its namesake suggests, and doubles the player’s chances of winning, which is always a welcome addition.

The second one, Starburst Wild, is a very innovative feature which takes the traditional Wild symbol to heights that is has never seen before.

The symbol can only appear on the three middle reels, and if it does come up, it immediately begins to spread out and cover the whole 5 reels of the machine, which in turn increases the player’s opportunity to win immensely, and as a nice little bonus, the Starburst Wild throws in a free re-spin as well.

Another game feature is the ability for appearing symbols to stack upon one another, which produces a nice visual effect as well as enhances the winnings of the game player.

One thing is for sure, hitting a winning line in Starburst is surely not an experience which will be forgotten quickly.

The first time it happens you might likely be knocked out of your chair, as a dazzling array of movement and light flash across your screen in some very well produced video graphics.

Once you have experienced your first Win, such is the quality of this event that you will want to relive the experience again and again, and the anticipation factor of this facet of the game is very well realised by the Net Entertainment team.

Overall the team from NetEnt have put together a very entertaining and innovative video slots game experience with the Starburst title.

Available on both PC and Mobile formats, players new to the game are sure to become instant fans, while existing devotees will most likely already have bookmarked the game, and will be return to it again and again.

With the ability to play the game online for free or for real money, and return to player percentage which is over 96%, Starburst’s star is shining brightly.

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