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Genting and Grosvenor both have approved planning permission to relocate their existing casinos to new premisses.

Grosvenor Casinos have just (last Wednesday) had approval to convert the former Peter Green furniture store  on Rose Kiln Lane into a Casino. Meanwhile Gentings originally had approval in 2007 to build a Racino, combined greyhound track, speedway and Casino in Island Road South Reading. The 2 intended sites are less than 2 miles apart from each other.

At Grosvenors approval meeting for Rose Kiln Lane, Gaming International, raised their objections to the planning permission as they still have to start the work at their new premises on Island Road

Clarke Osborne, Gaming International’s chief executive, told the meeting the plans in Rose Kiln Lane could force its proposed casino operator, Genting, to pull out of the project.

Councillors said it was not for them to make rulings based on commercial interests and “whoever gets there first will be in the best position to flourish and grow”.

Councillor Debbie Watson said: “Whoever gets there first will be in the best position to flourish and grow. Racino had a chance to do that and it still does.

Grosvenor plan to open their casino early next year and create up to 120 jobs.

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