Pinball Roulette Launches In The UK

Pinball Roulette

What is it I hear you ask! Well Pinball Roulette is your own little Roulette Wheel that you are in control of . Well in control to a certain degree, you have control when the ball is launched into the wheel itself. The odds of it landing on YOUR number is exactly the same 37-1 .

You have a pinball style plunger that you pull back as little or as far as you want to which then shoots the ball into the wheel hence the name Pinball Roulette. The terminal also has its own touchscreen Roulette layout so can place your own electronic bets, Credit is gained by inserting cash into the note acceptor, winnings issued via the ticket printer which can be redeemed at the cash desk. So there you have it your own little mini betting island in the Pinball Roulette. If you are a new to the Casinos or have never played Roulette (Basic Guide to Roulette)  at all, this may be ideal for you as you can control the pace without any interference from anyone (Unless there is a queue of people behind you wanting to get on)

Q: Does the ball launch faster the further you pull back the pinball plunger A: You tell me ! but it does feel that you have a degree of control

Grosvenor Casino is set to introduce 30 new Pinball Roulette machines, an entirely new product developed by Austrian Gaming Industries, across 22 clubs throughout the country. Launching in late October 2012 in selected clubs, Grosvenor is the only casino operator in the UK to launch the new gaming machine this year. The first machines spotted so far are in Grosvenor Casino Swansea and Grosvenor G Casino CardiffNew Pinball Roulette

Theo Woolf, Electronic Gaming Manager at Grosvenor Casinos comments: “We are very excited to have the new Pinball Roulette machines launching at our Casinos and feel our customers will really enjoy the interactive nature of the new game. Unlike a typical Electronic Roulette terminal, it gives the player the power of when they wish to spin the ball, giving them greater control over the pace of their game. This machine will be sure to stand out from the crowd and attract attention from customers. We can’t wait to get these machines out to our casinos late October for our customers to enjoy and we’re pleased to say that Grosvenor has agreed UK supply exclusivity with our strategic partners, AGI, until 31st March 2013.”

Will Pinball Roulette be the newest craze to hit the Casinos in years ! Who knows as you will decided

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Story source Gamingfloor & Casinolife

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