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CASINOS can be a daunting place for the virgin gambler.

Common misconceptions are they are seedy, sleazy, dives, frequented by seasoned gamblers, high rollers and addicts.

The reality is far from this.

How do I know this I hear you ask.

Well because everyone has a “first time.”

I remember my “first time.”

I found myself in the Casino at the Empire in Leicester Square, as a bright eyed bushy tailed 21 year-old university student.

I didn’t have any money to gamble away, but I was meeting friends for a drink in the bar prior to a night on the tiles.

I was attracted to the glitz, glamour and the. sophisticated set up of the casino.Roulette Wheel

I was fascinated by the tables and yet I knew nothing about gaming.

In fact, I didn’t make a single bet, all evening. I was the casino’s worst customer!

But what it did, was make me realise that gambling wasn’t an intrusive concept that I had always believed it to be.

Soon after my “first time” I started dating a guy who liked a flutter. One night when we were down at the casino in Brighton Marina, he was playing poker and I was at the bar, on my own.

There was only so much wine I could drink, so I decided to give the roulette table a go.

It looked easy and it looked fun.

Soon I was into the swing of things, chatting to others at the table and enjoying myself.

But when I walked away, I realised I knew nothing about the game.Casino Careers

No one ever teaches you to play, or so I thought.

When I moved back to Thanet in 2010, I joined Grosvenor G Casino at Westwood Cross.

Although a small timer player, it soon became a venue I would regularly visit, and over time one which would help me glean my gaming techniques.

Grosvenor G Casino host learn to play sessions, and these are great fun, especially for first timers.

Ok so I already knew a bit about gaming when I had a session, but the croupiers explain the rules so eloquently and simply, anyone can have a play.

I couldn’t help but think, if only I’d done this all those years ago.

Sessions are free (the only downside being whatever you win you can’t cash) and are available in poker, blackjack and roulette.

Don’t be scared give it a go, you may even enjoy yourself.

Learn to Play Blackjack Guide

Learn To Play Roulette Guide

*To find out more about the Learn To Play sessions and to book call 01843 579999

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