Casino Visitors The 7 Types Who Visits Casinos

The 7 Types of People Who Visits Casinos

Have you ever wondered how you are seen as you walk into your local Casino , or how you see yourself when you walk into a Gaming establishment.

Who Visits Casinos

Casino Virgin

(Inexperienced player) is this you ?  is  it  the first time, lack a little knowledge and confidence. Just ask  questions they have staff there just to help people like yourself, they want you in there so take advantage  of their hospitality’s. Ask if they have any special offers on or if gaming is not for you, check out what events are on in your local casino because there is something for YOU !

Social Player

You don’t  come to just play the games. You come with friends or want to make friends. You  use the bar as much as the tables and coming to the casino is just one part of the night out, and you will mainly be seen  on a Friday or Saturday night.

 High Roller,

Do you have large amounts of disposable cash and play for high stakes. You are  selective about the clubs you visit and want to be seen spending your hard earned cash


 Do you see casinos as a safe, social environment where you can go and get lost in the crowd, you get out perhaps on a regular basis but don’t really socialise with other customers or the staff .


(the grass is greener punter) who always tends to use all the casinos in the area. You constantly tell others and the staff that the “other casino” is always better. Secretly hoping that you will get a few perks enticing you to stay in their visitors


You come to the casino to gamble, you want to play the games and that’s all you want to do. You like the thrill of the gamble, the game the interaction but you have your spending in control, you have a bank roll and you stick by it.

 Problem Gambler

Is this you, just don’t know when to call it a night and always chasing your loses. Has the thrill and the fun of the gamble gone, is it now an obsession to WIN at all cost and when you do win it doesn’t really matter how much you have won (or lost to get that win). do you always think that your luck is about to change and the losing streak cant last forever. Do you gamble at every opportunity, addictive compulsive personality ? If this is you then you need help.    Stop Gambling (Sponsored Link)

So Who Visits Casinos ?

Well you might not be on that list because there is something for everyone in your local Casino (NO I don’t gamble often, I don’t own a Casino, I have just spent a lot of time in them and began to appreciate what else apart from the gaming there is). Why Visit a Casino, There is usually a bar and the good thing about Casino bars is they are very, very rarely frequented by drunks (unlike the local pub at the end of your estate). The Restaurants, never had a bad meal in a Casino and they want you back on a regular basis so the standards and quality are always high, even Marco Pierre White is opening a steak house in a Casino (check out our reviews). Poker in Casinos, it can be fun and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune (Poker Tours LCI Grosvenor )Entertainment, there is lots from Who Dunit nights, charity golf days Check out the events schedules at Grosvenor Newcastle.

Who Visits Casinos

WHICH ONE ARE YOU, or if you have another category  let me know

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