Casino Owner Caught in The Act

Casino Owner Shamed

After nearly a lifetime in the casino industry a casino Owner got caught cheating and in his own casino at that. He was actually a partner in the business with John Rees. It is reported that Pierre Coulon cracked up after many disagreements with his business partner and it was aimed at hurting his pride and standing more than mere financial gain as it was alleged that the sums involved was around £500.

It has been reported in the Lancashire Evening Post & The Blackpool Gazette that Coulon used a “laptop to manipulate the electronic autowheel ensuring that a female friend won”  it also seems that cameras that were originally placed over the wheel (All roulette wheels have cameras pointed at them for security)  had been pointed in a different direction in an attempt to hide the collusion between owner and punter.

I must stress that all Roulette wheels are totally random and undergo strict testing whilst being built and through to completion, they are also tested on a regular basis to ensure that the wheels are completely level and show no signs of bias. It is also impossible to coax or manipulate a Roulette ball into a specific number on the roulette wheel. I suspect that it was the electronic result that was changed to ensure his friend won. The electronic information that outputs from a wheel and sent to a remote betting terminal on the premises is recorded in a log file and any changes made to normal operation of the system is also recorded electronically and can be later retrieved for investigation. Every possibility of trying to cheat within a casino is covered, even to microphones embedded in the tables to ensure that collusion between croupiers and playerspierre does not take place unnoticed.

Pierre Coulon started his gaming career over 40 years ago in the Castle Casino Blackpool (where I first met him over 25 years ago) stated

Anyone who knows me knows that this is very much out of character.

He has been sentenced to 60 hours community service and ordered to pay back all the money along with costs. He will also lose his gaming licence and it is unlikely that he will ever work in the Casino Industry ever again. Mr Coulon first purchased the Paris Casino with Mr Rees back in 2004 which has had its troubles from the offset having a fire in the original building in 2009 which was vastly underinsured. They bought the New Paris Casino eventually opening in December 2011 after many plagued delays.

A very sad day for Pierre Coulon the Casino Owner and the gaming industry. If you cheat the system you will be caught whoever you are!

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