Beginners Guide to Navigating Casino Games

So you’re looking at getting into the world of Casino? Walking into a casino or logging on to an online casino can be very daunting for the first time. There are so many different areas and games to play. There are rules, minimum bets, chips, cards and coins, all of which can make a very intense situation for a beginner. When you’re just trying to have some fun and make some money with casino games, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are some general rules, but there is little help in knowing what is what. Here you can discover the most popular games that you will find inside a casino or on online platforms such as Paddy Power Games.


This game sees a fair amount of the table action in a casino, it is certainly the most eventful and lively. These tables are fairly large and you’ll see a big crowd as you can have up to 20 players on a table at once. The Stickman gives the Shooter a couple of dice to use and he rolls them across the table to win his round and bets. The idea is to roll the same number over and over again in order to win the big bucks. This game is a great one where you can talk to other players as they bet on the shooter, so even if you don’t want to run the risk of rolling the dice, you can still bet and take part. Although it is a fairly complicated game to understand at first, once you’ve got the basics down you’ll be shouting like the rest of the players! The table will look something like this:

Baccarat/Punto Banco

This game has a much smaller table and is purely down to chance, with no skill involved, it’s an easy game to get yourself started on. It’s a game of odds between the banker and the player. The dealer will deal out a series of cards making up your hand, the objective is to bet on whose hand will be the closest to the number 9. You can bet on it being the banker, the player or a tie. Baccarat/Punto Banco can have a maximum of 12 players at the table, and there will often be more than one table in any casino. The straightforwardness and simplicity in this game makes it an easy one to pick up.


Poker covers a huge variety of different types of games. Poker is most commonly seen with chips representing monetary amounts and cards. In any Poker game, there are multiple players, all with different card hands, trying to achieve the perfect hand while also bluffing that they already have it. Poker is an intense game with a lot of silence, long moments of thought and eye contact. This is the game where people try and put off their opponents, bragging about their hand while putting down their opponents, it’s a game of being smart with your hand but also being hard to read. You’ll find a number of different variations of poker from Texas Hold’em to Razz and Omaha High-Low. 


One of the more interesting games to watch and participate in is Roulette. The quick-paced nature of this game means it is really easy to make and lose money! There are always multiple Roulette tables at a casino because of their popularity, the majority only dealing with casino chips and not cash. Simply place your bet on a number, colour, evens or odds and watch the wheel spin. The ball will travel around the Roulette wheel and slowly land on a number, depending on your bet you can win big money on this table but it can come with high risks. Look out for these tables, they’re a great way to get involved in the casino, they look similar to this:


More than likely the most popular game at a casino and the table that has a large audience is Blackjack. This game can also be known as Twenty-One with sister games of Pontoon and Vingt-Et Un. Most people will have played this game in their teenage years at some point with family or friends for low currency or just fun. Several players can play at once, but it is a game between the player, the dealer and the deck. The idea being you get as close to the number of 21 without going over by ‘twisting’ with the dealer (asking for another card). This game is fast-paced like Roulette but has the same bluffing ability of Poker, trying not to let on how good your hand is. 

Now you know the main games in a casino, you can look out for them or explore them online through multiple hosts. Remember to bet safe and when the fun stops, stop.