Aspers Swansea To Close

Aspers Swansea To Close its doors !


Richard Noble, chief operating officer of Aspers, said

It is with regret that we can confirm the closure of Aspers Swansea.

“Following a 90-day consultation period, employee representatives at Aspers Swansea have been informed of the company’s intention to close the business.

“The company came to the conclusion that the business would continue to run at a loss and it was not viable in the long term. We can confirm that the venue will close its doors for the last time at midnight on Thursday the 30th of August .

“We would like to sincerely thank all of the team members in Swansea who have shown such loyalty and dedication to Aspers. We would also like to thank all of our customers, who we have thoroughly enjoyed serving over the last five years.”

The 100 strong staff are to have a 90 day consultation period as its sustainability as a viable business is in question. Aspers Swansea opened its doors back in 2007 not far from its competitor Grosvenor Swansea (post coming soon) . Aspers Swansea did cater to a different type of customer than Grosvenor, Aspers was aimed at the younger more hip night out party crowd and Grosvenor the more established “punter”. Did one crowd have more money than the other or is it that Swansea is simply not big enough for both Aspers and Grosvenor Casinos?

This comes just after the good news for Aspers as they have just won the licence for Aspers Milton Keynes and with the Olympics soon to hit the UK which can only be good for Aspers Stratford City  (Richard Smith Interview GM at Aspers Stratford)

Its defiantly NOT the end for Aspers Swansea yet as Richard Noble COO has been quoted

We have undertaken a comprehensive review of the Swansea site which has determined that the continued operation of Aspers in Swansea does not seem to be commercially viable. For five years now we have eagerly awaited the opportunity to bid for the licence which would have allowed us to operate a much more viable and enhanced customer experience with a wider offer than a typical casino. Unfortunately, the licence has still not been issued for tender. Of course, we have also been battling against extremely challenging trading conditions for the last few years as a result of the downturn in the economy. Combined, these factors have led us to the difficult decision to consult on the closure of the Swansea site

I am sure that even the Grosvenor Swansea branch would not want to see a casino close even though Aspers Swansea is a competitor, as competition brings forth desire and innovation in that struggle to be the best, which in turn makes for a better experience for the customer. The casino industry is a small tight knit community and I am sure that no one at all will benefit from a casino closing its doors

Aspers Swansea

Have you been there ? share your stories, it may not be the end

remember the village shoe maker

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