We are a group of people who have all spent a lifetime working within the Casino industry in various roles so it made sense to continue and share the experience of the casinos online.

We at Casinos 4 Dummies know that you (Casino’s) all have the same problem in life and that is the IMAGE of the casino’s, It is always in the extremes from the James Bond image to the dirty seedy gambling dens full of gangsters and gamblers. I know that when you meet new people and  tell them your profession you will generally get one of the responses above. Of course the other reaction is “can you fix the wheel to win” and I know you’re tempted to respond “Of course I can, I just still work there for the love of the job as I don’t really need the money”

Well at C4D we are here to help. Our MIssion is to dispel that misconception of what a casino is,break down the barriers and show that the Casino’s of the UK have something for everyone.  We are here to tell the real stories of what really happens (No bad PR here the tabloids do enough of that already) in a Casino. What you need to do is to get those people through the doors and let them see that it isnt a scary (or to posh) place and that and that you don’t have to gamble (I know you want them to).

Lets take a step back in time and look at where all the (responsible) adults used to go for a night out and spend their money.

  • Working Men Clubs (Social, Alcohol, Entertainment)
  • Pubs (Social Alcohol)
  • Restaurants (Intimacy, Food, Alcohol)
  • Nightclubs (Alcohol, Dancing, Social, Intimacy)

Today there is a constant demise of Public Houses since the smoking ban and since now we subscribe to the notion that we live in a “classless” society the working mens clubs have all but nearly shut. Restaurants today are either very good or very bad, we all know reputation and perception is everything. If we look at the Casinos Vs working mens clubs there are lots of similarities (I can hear some of you screaming NOOO!) Music, Entertainment, Alcohol, social gathering, membership, but in their day of a weekend thats where everyone went (WMC) to relax mix let loose and more importantly spend their money. People through the door is exactly what you want so together, lets change the perception of the Casino. (We will be researching and posting articles on the psychology of what makes people choose)

We are here to HELP in all aspects of promotion in your venue. You can register and then submit your own events to our Casino Event Listings (of course one of us have to click the approve button at C4D) You could also send us any press releases you have to press@casinos4dummies.co.uk. We have a dedicated Casino Jobs page with yes you have guessed it, only jobs from the industry so they stand out for all to see (are your vacancies getting lost in the crowd) and we have a few great articles that drag in the traffic for casino jobs. If you are a supplier to the Casino industry then feel free to submit an article telling us (and the casino industry) what you do and why should casinos use your services. You can also add your service/business to our Casino Business Directory. If you are a performer and would like to get exposure to the casinos and more gigs then submit your information (you never know who will be reading this) Got a Poker Tournament or schedule ? what you waiting for submit it now

At C4D we can offer the following services

  • Guest Posts (any subject within the industry)
  • Social Media Management (we interact with your customers and know what we are talking about)
  • Job Vacancy Management
  • PR and Promoting your Venue(s)
  • Coming soon a Media service from simple flyers to complete rebrands from an award winning designer

Restriction on Affiliates

With the ever increasing demands on affiliates to comply with online marketing guidelines and certain affiliate programs taking advantage by closing their affiliate doors. The entry into affiliate market has never been so expensive and fraught with compliance nightmares so it becomes very important to make sure everything we do is white hat SEO.

To aid in my site standing out in the google ranking algorithms I have embarked and invested in the Yoast SEO online course, if you haven’t got the Yoast SEO plugin on your site perhaps its time you did. If you need professional help in setting up your Yoast SEO plugin please check out my gig on Fiver


Karl Morley successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress course!

I know we have gone on and on but we have a lot to offer, we at C4D are here to work with you in the Casinos helping YOU to be a success Contact us today lets see how high we can go

Oh and the chief dogsbody at the moment is me Karl Morley having previously worked at a well know casino supplier for nearly 30 years so in that time I have seen quite a few casinos (more than most people probably). You can contact me Karl.Morley@Casinos4Dummies.co.uk

Under 18’s are not permitted by law to open a betting account for themselves or on behalf of another. Gamble responsibly or not at all. If you feel you need help contact Gamble Aware.


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