Tips for a Fast Online Casino Withdrawal

Depositing to an online casino is a no-brainer. It’s instant, with almost no requirements, and you can begin playing as soon as you create a user account and deposit the funds. The entire process should not last more than 3 minutes, and new players will be offered substantial welcome bonuses or even no-deposit offers that do not require any money, just the user account creation. Then try withdrawing your winnings from those bonuses. You might get them, but indeed it will not happen in 3 minutes.

Licensed Casinos

Online casinos are very smart with their marketing bait. They make it easy to deposit but hard to cash out if you forget to read their small-lettered terms and guidelines. No need to get scared if you are playing with a licensed casino online. They are well regulated by local governments that keep them on the honest side. On the other hand, Offshore casinos, a quick peek at forum threads on complaints, can explain how many people can withdraw their money. 

So tip #1, always entrust your money and personal information to a licensed casino in your country. Withdrawals will be more straightforward with no strings attached. 

Claim a Bonus But Read the T&C

There is nothing wrong with claiming a bonus offer of any kind, as long as you understand what they are and the conditions they carry. Bonuses are not free money the casino is giving you as a thank you. It always plays money that can only be used in the casino, and you can never withdraw it. Users that win with the bonus money can withdraw the winnings only, not the bonus itself, and there is always a limit of how much you can start. So if you win a jackpot with the bonus, there is a chance you will only be part of those winnings. Inquire with support about what happens in that case. 

Bonuses are great for the player when used to explore the games, evaluate which ones you feel more comfortable with, test different slot machines or card games, etc. It’s test money, not win money. Once they run out, you have a better perspective of what you like and dominate better to play with your own money.

Used in that fashion, bonuses are plentiful. Never expect them to be your lottery ticket. 

Now, about the T&C (terms and conditions), these are the most important aspects to keep in mind to avoid issues when claiming any winnings:

  • Bonuses require the user to bet the full amount of bonus + deposit several times before you can require a withdrawal of winnings. The playthrough varies from casino to casino, but let’s say it is 3x. You deposit $100 and claim a 150% bonus. That´s $250 in bonus + $100 from the deposit = $350. The playthrough would be $350 x 3 = $1,050. Mone than a thousand dollars in bets with a bankroll of $350, no easy feat. Consider that wins and losses accrue to this goal, so it’s not just winning that count. 
  • There is a time limit for that playthrough goal, usually three weeks, so if you aim to claim some winnings with the bonus, play hard at the slot machines—big bets.
  • Usually, only slots are the game where the bonus complies 100%. Other games like cards, table games, and scratch cards might not be allowed with the bonus or just partially. So stick to slots. 
  • No weird betting patterns or systems. It might be established in the T&C. 

Follow these essential tips, and you should be OK with a bonus once you withdraw. Licensed casinos are required to show you the progress of playthrough, with a percentage bar usually. That helps to understand how you are doing. 

Do Not Use a VPN

VPN’s are used to hide the user’s location, so the casino can´t tell if you are in the country allowed, but they are also commonly used for work purposes or simply to watch some Netflix shows not available in your homeland. So sometimes, you might be using one in good faith. 

Licensed casinos only allow the nationals from that country to have a user account. Offshore casinos do accept users from around the globe, but not all, and it is usually countries from where a lot of hacking or money laundry happens.

If the VPN is permanently fixed with the same IP and you do not turn it off, the casino won’t tell the accurate location, and you are safe. But if you turn it off or switch country while logged in to the casino, your account could be blocked automatically for protection. The system assumes someone hijacked your login and is using your account from a different country. You can only unlock it by contacting support, and they will ask if you are using a VPN. If that is the case, they might decline the withdrawal of funds if you operate from a restricted location. 

Keep the VPN turned off. 

Method of Deposit 

The withdrawal method will be the same you used to deposit. One of the most commonly used is a credit card, but this is a terrible choice with online casinos. Not only will it add extra charges, but you also cannot use them for withdrawal and will have to ask support for some help to configure a different withdrawal option. 

E-wallets like Skrill are a better option because they allow transactions both ways and add fees. 

Crypto wallets are the new and faster option withouth fees. You just need to open a wallet account with a crypto exchange website. 

Wire transfers are the way to go for huge payments. They carry fees, but the cost will be small for a huge payout and arrive directly to your bank account. Transactions do take a few days or weeks. 

These are the main tips for a quick and hassle-free withdrawal. No business or website will let you take your money away without some safety protocols that protect your money and theirs.