Online Poker vs. Video Slots: What Should a Beginner Choose? 

Slots are the simplest possible casino game, requiring nothing but pressing a button. The spin is still exciting enough to make your heart flutter. The fact that slots are the most numerous of all casino games is hardly a surprise. 

There are many versions of online poker, which is a great choice for people who find slots too simple and want to be more active in the game they play.  

Differences and similarities 

Online poker and slots have more differences than similarities. One similarity is that the same type of machine hosts them. Another is that they are both very well represented on online gambling platforms, including the newest Michigan online casinos. If you choose to play slots, always remember online slots pay out more than physical ones. 

Poker requires strategy

Slots do not involve strategy, while online poker does, even though it’s much simpler than real poker. At the beginning of each game, each player gets five cards. You decide which ones to keep and which to get rid of. Poker requires skill, strategy, background knowledge, and luck. 

Online Poker

Poker is more involved 

Poker players need to keep their guard up, even when playing online. They need to weigh their decisions carefully. Slots could be more relaxing as there are no decisions to make. You might get free spins or trigger a bonus round at one point, but that’s about it. You could also get a small amount back if the reels land on a certain symbol. 

You can win more from slots

Slots have progressive jackpots going up to hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s hard to imagine anything quite as rewarding. While such a jackpot is rare, it’s quite motivating. The chance alone makes people keep coming back. 

With online poker, you can’t expect such an impressive payout. If you manage a royal flush, you will receive 4,000 coins, and that’s it. While progressive jackpots do exist on some online poker machines, they are extremely rare. 

When it comes to regular winnings, online poker can be more rewarding. Slots tend to offer lower payouts. 

Online poker is more organized

It’s not exactly straightforward to figure out a slot’s payout. While you can do research, the information isn’t readily available. Essentially, you have to take a blind approach and try to establish the payout frequency as you go through trial and error. It doesn’t always help to read the pay tables. Countless spins might be in order, which would be annoying and time-consuming, not to mention costly. 

Poker is far easier to figure out and a lot more organized. You’ll be all set as long as you know the potential payout for the online poker version you choose to play. You will need to check if that version has more than two different payouts on the pay table. This isn’t a problem if you know what to look for. 

To answer the title question: slots are easier to play, but online poker is ultimately more rewarding. What you choose is up to you. 

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