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I personally wanted to dedicate a section to the food served in Casinos for several reasons, the food is very good, my passion for food and that you don’t have to go to a Casino just to Gamble ! No Really its True you can visit your local Casino, spend all night there with friends with lots to do and the only chip you need to handle is the cooked variety.

Gentings Manchester

This is the second mention of Gentings Manchester in a very short space of time, the first occasion was because there was rave reviews all around about the quality of food served there. This time I heard that they were having a refurb of the restaurant and I managed to get a copy of the menu and from the selection on there its definitely worth a mention again.

I haven’t eaten there in a very long time but just from what is available on the menu I will be in the Manchester area very soon with an excuse to sample their offerings.

Gentings Manchester Fahrenheit Grill


This is not an easy choice even to start with, I often wait to the very last second before ordering in restaurants  simply because I would like to usually sample everything on there. This is the case with this menu and it will not help that I have had chance to consider what I would like as I know that when I get to the Fahrenheit Grill it will be exactly the same, an order at the last second !

What’s it to be

Treacle Cured Salmon – with Fennel and Beetroot Confit (V)

I am imaging slightly sweet salmon from the treacle cure then a nice refreshing aniseed flavour from the fennel and then the beetroot should cut through the sweetness to clear the palette for the next mouthful,  never had this before so it is an obvious choice at first until you cast your eyes a little further down the menu and then come across !

Seared Black Pearl Scallops – with Chorizo and Smoked Chilli Jam

Scallops love them what else is there to say when cooked well ! and then to add Chorizo and a chilli sweet sticky jam BUT wait I have seen more

Duck Confit and Champagne Parfait – with Chardonnay, Thyme Jelly and Spiced Rhubarb Compote

Sounds great again, I have had this menu for over 4 days before writing this post and I am honestly still undecided on which Starter I would want when I get there and yes there is more choices


Jospers Grills

I have looked up the Josper Grill (online of course and added the link ) But the quote from the Fahrenheit Grill sums it up simply

Our Josper Grill
All our steaks and some selected dishes are cooked in Josper Charcoal BBQ Oven. This unique style of cooking combines the features of an enclosed
oven with the traditional characteristics of a BBQ. This distinctive style of cooking utilizing the heat produced by the charcoal which in-turn maintains
a high cooking temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit this then greatly influences and enhances the flavour of the products being cooked.

Now Meat any meat is a must especially a fine piece of Steak is a weakness as I am a fully paid up member of the carnivore club, I know it is not considered healthy in today’s diets. My philosophy is eat as well as you can, enjoy every meal but just balance out your choices.

My usual choice of steak is a fillet and I like mine “Blue”, If you have never had a “Blue” steak or not aware what it is well the best way to describe it is less cooked than a “rare” steak. seared on both sides for minutes so the steak is raw in the middle, your first reaction may be Errghh, yuck or how could you BUT it is the most tender way to eat a steak ever. Tender Juicy and melt in your mouth. About the meat

About our produce
The Mather’s Scotch Black Gold range of Beef is aimed at the most discerning palette. The cattle are raised only on the most idyllic parts of Scotland
giving the consistent tenderness and succulence that makes Mather’s Black Gold a unique eating experience. Only the very best cattle that comply
with strict quality standards are individually selected to carry the ‘Black Gold’ mark. The cattle are hand selected by our Master Butcher, and are
traditionally matured for a minimum of 35 days.

Well this Steak seem tremendous so it seems the choice I would make

35 Day Matured ‘Mathers Black Gold’ Scotch 7oz Fillet of Beef – with Asparagus, Wild Mushroom and Tarragon Cream

But Wait there’s more

Double Cooked Pork Belly – with Elderflower Scented Crushed Apple and Crackling £15 1500 pts
Bolton Abbey Lamb Fillet – with Black Olives and Crushed Celeriac

And there is also specials to choose from as well, I would just be a little to scared to actually look at this in case it changed my mind.

Desert Menu

If you have space for a little more then there is an excellent choice of Deserts. This is made a little easier as they have

Mini Indulgence
Indulge yourself in one, two or even three mini treats

Caramelised Peach Tarte Tatin – with Rose Syrup and Coconut Foam
Chocolate and Praline Fondant – with Lavender Cream
Vanilla Panna Cotta – with Summer Berries and Elderflower Jelly

That seems like a reasonable choice for a first visit and all very reasonably priced as well. If you would like to make your own choice down load the menus or Visit the Gentings Manchester site BK2284_Fahrenheit_Manx Spring (Josper) Grill_Menu_390x260_v 4 BK2284_Fahrenheit_Manx Spring Desserts_Menu_A5_v 4

I will certainly be visiting the Gentings Manchester Fahrenheit Grill and I will let you know the difficult  choices I made. If you have been lucky enough to have already eaten there please share you experience with the rest of us


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