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Casinos 4 Dummies was created to demystify the Casinos in the UK. It has always been the image of James Bond, espionage and the under world. That is so far from the truth, the food alone is worth visiting some of the casinos. (Grosvenor Casino Food Menu) The smaller independent casinos also serve some amazing food. Think of the Casinos in the UK as somewhere you can eat, drink, meet your friends and have a gamble if you wish. Actually more and more visitors to the casinos don’t actually gamble at all, they go for everything else. Now we are adding the Genting Casino Food Menu.

The UK Casino Games

We have also produced simple guides on the casino games to take the mystery out of that if you decide to play. The usual games in a casino are, roulette, blackjack, 3 card poker and poker. In some UK Casinos they also offer Punto Banco and craps which can be a little more complicated.

There are also electronic games that you can play in the UK Casino, electronic roulette, exactly the same as table roulette but you are sat at your own terminal. Then there is the slot machines, put your money in and just press the button, it is as simple as that.

Online UK Casino Games

If you still fancy a flutter but not actually visiting the casino you can now play all your favourite casino games online. In fact you have a greater choice on the online casinos. Every table game and hundreds of different online slot games.

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