Winning Online

Winning Online

There are tons of ways you can make money online – and winning your way to the top is but one of them. Internet sites love running competitions and offering prizes – it increases traffic to their site, they get some great info out of you and all through one simple offer. And on the flipside, you get a chance to walk away with anything from holidays to vouchers and sometimes, real cash as well. But where on earth to start?! Here’s some top tips for winning online.

1. Online Competitions

Plenty of stories abound with people that have won online competitions, from cash to cars to vouchers and holidays. Gadgets, eye surgery, car insurance – you name it, it’s been offered in an online competition.

Where to find them For a total beginner or a dedicated competition king or queen in waiting, the best place to start is either at a dedicated online competition site, which will scour the web and bring you up to date offers and the best ones competitions out there. Pay attention to money saving websites as well – they always like to keep their readers in the loop when it comes to online freebies.

Going by a referral from a site not only makes it easier for you (saving you the legwork of having to individually hunt yourself), but it often filters out the wheat from the chaff. Look out for big name brands when finding competitions – your main issues when entering is always going to be a matter of security. Good places to start if you fancy rooting around yourself include:

* Newspapers

* Comparison Websites

* Money Saving Websites

* Offers Websites

* Supermarkets (yes, really!)

* Lifestyle blogs

Signing Up

When you sign up for an online competition, generally, you can expect to part with at least your email address. In doing so, you’re often guaranteed to get a steady stream of spam clogging up your inbox.

Top Tip: Set up your own ‘competition’ email address to combat the inevitable marketing bumpf. You can get a free email address from plenty of places like Gmail or Hotmail, it doesn’t take long and it will save you hours of annoyance (and potential RSI from hitting the delete button one too many times…)

You’ll also sometimes be parting with your address, and sometimes with your mobile number or landline. Be wary of parting with too much information, and keep your eyes peeled for ‘opt-out’ boxes on your sign up sheets. Passing your information onto third parties can be annoying at best, and pretty detrimental at worse, especially if that information gets passed into the wrong

hands. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll be able to cut out a lot of the unwanted extras.

2. Getting Creative

Winning online isn’t just competitions – there are plenty of ways you can win prizes and cash by flexing your creative muscles.

From travel writing competitions through to writing short reviews, there are plenty of money spinning ways to win extra treats online. Look for shopping sites like Amazon, check out newspaper and lifestyle blogs to see if there are caption competitions or content based competitions that allow you to get those creative juices flowing.

Completing online surveys are another popular tactic amongst companies looking to gain a little market research – choose these ones wisely, and you’ll find that your opinion can bring you plenty of rewards. Another popular way of entering draws is through friend referrals, so be sure to spread the love to increase your chances of winning online.

3. Other Ways of Winning

Look out for gaming sites as well – you’ll often find some competition sites will mention offers and prizes based at gaming sites. Remember, this is not the same as entering an online competition, although there are an increasing number of free games to play online where you can win real prizes.

Paying to enter and avoiding scams

Generally, pay to enter competitions should be avoided at all costs. If you do want to win, you’ll have to enter plenty of competitions – and paying to enter all of them would turn what could be a profitable hobby into a supersized hole in your wallet. Stick to the freebies and you really can get something for nothing.

And finally…

The phrase “in it to win it” should be your winning online mantra. The more competitions you enter, the more chance you have of winning. Stick to free competitions run through, check the terms and conditions before entering and make sure you have your spam defences in place, and you’re all set to make winning online that little bit easier. All that’s left to do is start entering – so get out there, and good luck!

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