The gambling industry is very diverse. More and more developers are entering the market, developing content and software solutions to meet the constantly increasing demand, and it’s getting hard for both seasoned and new operators to follow trends and navigate the ever-changing landscape. How can they make the right choice with such a staggering number of options available? To solve the problem, iGaming aggregators bring all these components together into a comprehensive system by offering platform solutions, which help casino operators launch and maintain a working business. In today’s article, we are going to look at what exactly an aggregator does and why you should consider cooperating with one for your online project. 

A lot of factors contribute to the success of an online casino: the variety and relevance of the games, the reliability of the payment method options, the UI and UX aspects of the platform itself, and of course, the marketing strategy’s ability to attract and retain an audience.

As you can see, typical operators have a lot on their plate, so aggregators like Slotegrator look for solutions for these problems and create comprehensive products that can help an operator that’s new to the market cover all the bases or address a pain point for a seasoned casino proprietor. 

What is an aggregator? 

An iGaming aggregator is a link connecting software developers and operators. Aggregators offer business owners complete solutions that are ready for integration with an online casino platform. When cooperating with an aggregator, operators don’t have to manage separate contracts and agreements with individual providers.

What aggregators do 

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Types of integration

Game integration 

Any online casino depends on the variety and quality of its games. It’s very important to meet the ever-increasing demand of the market and provide your audience with every kind of gambling content, from classic genres (like slots) to the newest 3D titles with VR elements.

When users are choosing an online platform, the gameplay experience plays a pivotal role. That’s why operators must always expand their offering to appeal to different audiences, including hard-to-get millennials.

At the same time, each content provider has its own specialization. The world of gaming content just keeps getting bigger and bigger — some developers prioritize engaging storylines over anything else, some focus on games with human dealers, and others are aimed at developing innovative features that the players haven’t seen before. 

Why work with an iGaming solution aggregator?  1

Important: Monitoring prospective content providers is a scrupulous process which requires meticulous analysis, exhaustive industry knowledge, and copious amounts of time.

To save operators time and money, the aggregator takes care of the selection process and negotiates terms with game developers. This way, a good aggregator not only has a wide range of games available through a single integration, but can also provide regular updates of its content portfolio and keep its prices competitive. 


Payment system integration

While it’s important to provide your players with entertainment, it’s equally important to guarantee the reliability of payment processing — both deposits and winning withdrawals. 

The variety of payment methods and currencies, both fiat and crypto, affects the reputation of the online casino and helps establish the trust of first-time players. After all, reward lies at the basis of gambling, so reliability and transparency are paramount. 

Aggregators typically offer a combined solution for payment systems in the same way they do for games, integrating many payment systems in a single session, thus saving time and money for the operator and speeding up the launch of the project considerably. 


Integration of complete solutions

The market is growing at a brisk pace, allowing developers to explore new avenues and discover new innovations and technologies. Operators can now count on all of these solutions being integrated together into an existing platform in as short a time as technically possible.

This way, online casino operators can fine-tune their offering and strategically engage different customer segments. For example, when the cancelation of sports events made traditional sports betting impossible, savvy operators diverted their attention to offering virtual sports betting and video slots. And after the events continued, others, in turn, integrated sportsbook solutions to their platforms to capitalize on the market resurgence. 


Advantages of working with an aggregator 

When operators deal with all of these issues on their own, automating business processes is very difficult — or even impossible — because they require so much of the business owner’s personal time and attention.

To free up their calendars and give maximum attention to more important organizational aspects of the online casino business, operators can engage the services of aggregators and delegate certain duties, making their own lives easier.

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A good aggregator brings a lot to the table, such as: 

  • A complete package of high-quality game content: Players are looking for fun and excitement, and they judge online casino platforms based on how well the operator can satisfy this requirement. Novelty is also a big factor, which is why a successful aggregator doesn’t only partner with big established brands, but also with new, up-and-coming studios that prioritize innovation.
  • Single integration through an API: Instead of dealing with each provider directly, operators get access to thousands of games and payment systems that can instantly meet the needs of any audience worldwide.
  • Long-term security:Cooperating with aggregators is a good investment for the future. A single contract is much simpler than constant negotiation and renegotiation with individual providers, and as prices rise and new games appear, aggregators nonetheless automatically give operators access to new titles.
  • Variety and freedom of choice: When an operator has a diverse arsenal of games, it’s much easier to attract different types of players to their online casino. It also opens up opportunities for experimentation — operators can run promotions on specific games and genres to stir up the interest of the audience and introduce them to new experiences.
  • Instant technical support : Timely resolution of technical problems is an absolute must for any operator. Uninterrupted operation is of huge importance for any platform, but it’s not always within the operator’s capability to guarantee it. To handle glitches and other interruptions, the speed and quality of its technical support is one of the key factors to consider when choosing an aggregator. 
  • Special offers from developers:Tournaments, bonuses, and other promotions that are often organized by the developers to promote their products can be a great boon for operators, as they provide an additional instrument to engage their audience without any extra investment.

Why Slotegrator? 

The Slotegrator team is always open to new challenges and ready to look for solutions for even the toughest problems. No matter what, our clients are our priority. 

We develop and build iGaming businesses, solve international legal problems, help operators get licensed in any jurisdiction, and integrate games, payment systems, and platform solutions. 

That’s why many successful operators cooperate with aggregators to save time and money, avoid paperwork, and minimize the risks. Additionally, instead of constantly sourcing new providers, the operator gets instant access to more than 5000 games. 

Focus your attention on what’s really important for your business, while we take care of everything else.

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