Slotegrator’s new analytical article details the effects that the novel coronavirus COVID-19 will have on the gambling industry. As casino gambling and live sports betting are being decimated by the quarantines and isolation requirements being imposed around the globe, Slotegrator comes to the logical conclusion that online businesses have gained a distinct edge over their land-based counterparts. The article dives into how operators can weather the COVID-19 storm, confronting vital threats and offering survival tactics for staying afloat.

The article breaks down the impact that the coronavirus crisis is having on all the different sectors of the gambling industry, such as operators, game developers, and event organizers, and examines some of the strategies that businesses could use to adapt and survive in the disrupted landscape.

The article also examines some forms of online gambling and betting that almost seem perfectly suited to the crisis, having their roots in the digital age – esports and virtual sports, both of which can expect drastic increases in activity during the crisis, as well as looking at some of the possibilities for event organizers.

All in all, Slotegrator draws a conclusion that’s as true for the gambling industry as it is for many other sectors – it’s a great time to be online.

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