Victoria Gate Casino challenges customers to Crack the Safe to win £1,000

  • Victoria Gate Casino’s Crack the Safe challenge takes place every Saturday throughout April
  • Casino visitors can enter the weekly draw to have a chance at cracking the safe
  • A cash prize of £1,000 is up for grabs each Saturday
  • Only the customer who draws the winning combination has the power to unlock the safe each week

Victoria Gate Casino is challenging customers to Crack the Safe every Saturday during April.

Customers visiting the city centre entertainment venue between midday and midnight can enter to be in with a chance to crack open the safe and win £1,000.

Each Saturday from 7pm to midnight, three entry tickets will be drawn every hour and the name on each ticket announced across the casino. The challengers will randomly select a card from a sack with 60 combinations inside – one which has the correct code required to Crack the Safe. Using the number combination on their card, they will attempt to crack the safe.

To enter and be in with a chance to crack the code, customers can complete an entry ticket at Guest Services. The Victoria Gate Casino team will also be handing out ‘peel and reveal’ cards during happy hour at the Live Bar in April, giving all recipients an instant win. Prizes for these are revealed by peeling back the safe door on the cards and include opportunities to crack the safe, free drinks, free table play, cash matches and more.

If nobody is successful at cracking the safe, the prize money rolls over to the following Saturday. The first attempt to Crack the Safe will take place on Saturday 6 April with the last chance to win on Saturday 27 April.

Patrick Noakes, managing director at Victoria Gate Casino comments:

“We’re becoming known for a variety of great events and entertainment, as well as gaming, at Victoria Gate Casino and Crack the Safe is the perfect combination of everything we do best.

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