The Rebrand of Gala Well on its Way

The Rebrand of Gala

It has been several months since the completion of the sale of 19 Casinos from Gala to Rank has taken place. Slowly but surely they are all being rebranded to the Grosvenor style of Casino.Now that Grosvenor have got the lion’s share of the London Casinos will their profits soar even more. Will all the Grosvenor Casinos in London now look the same, the same as any big brand ! the idea being that you can walk into any store in any part of the country and it will feel and look familiar. Perhaps it might be time to look seriously at Themed Casinos or have the Rank Group got it right as they do have solid and constant financial results.

grsovenor profits The Rebrand of Gala

Russel Sq on London has just undergone its transformation and part of it was captured through this amazing time lapse photography

What happens now ? Will Genting settle for being the second biggest casino operator in the UK or is LCI now under threat?

The Rebrand of Gala

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