The Most Common Mistakes You Can Make in Vegas

As you surely know, Las Vegas is the American and world capital of gambling. The allure of the city is hard to ignore – the bright lights everywhere around you and the exclusive and luxurious hotels and casinos are too inviting to be missed, even if you’re a recreational player. That’s the exact problem with Vegas – riding on usually fake stories of big wins, many people think they can win millions by playing a few hands at the Bellagio, often making costly mistakes that ruin their lives.

Everyone needs to be aware that casino games are not easy. Yes, you can end up winning millions (less obvious), but you can lose millions in a few hours as well. Not being able to resist the appeal of Vegas casinos, many players make the mistake of sitting at blackjack tables without even knowing how to play. So, before you step into a Vegas casino feeling confident, we suggest going over the rules and strategies over at– they’ll at least help you cover the basics.

After you’re all set, avoid making the following rookie mistakes:

Not Checking the Rules

Literally thousands of players sit at a blackjack table without reading the rules. Not all blackjack games are equal – some favor the player, while others favor the house. And no, it’s really no one’s job to point you to them. If you make a mistake of sitting at a table without learning the rules and you end up losing too much, it’s your fault only.

Choosing the Wrong Game

You’re not James Bond – you can’t just enter a casino, sit at a table and play whatever you want expecting to win. Many rookies make the mistake of trying their hand at blackjack or baccarat without even understanding how the game is played. Choosing the wrong game is often the main cause of major losing streaks, so before spending all your holiday cash, take some time to get familiar with casino games.

Chasing Your Losses

Chasing your losses is a technique which has got even high-rollers into trouble and it can be absolutely devastating for rookies. Not managing your bankroll is a costly mistake that can leave you broke in a night – just ask Terrance Watanabe about it.

Playing to Impress

Even for high-rollers, playing to impress the crowd is a deadly mistake that can leave you with empty pockets. There have been many stories where players have lost staggering amounts of money just to impress girls at the table, so don’t make the same mistake.

Increasing Your Bets Because You’re Due to Win

There’s no such thing such as being due to win in a casino. The casino is out there to take your money, not make you a millionaire. You must remember that the house always wins in the end – even if you win big, there’s a big chance that you’ve spent more than your winnings before it

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