Staying innovative is one of the keys to success in the rapidly changing world of iGaming. Our main goal is to provide our partners and operators with the industry’s most modern solutions, so that they, in turn, can offer their players the best possible gaming experience. The latest trend in iGaming is fast, easy navigation — the fewer clicks, the better — and Slotegrator leads the market with its full range of Telegram casino games.

Why Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile messenger that has only grown in popularity since it was first released in 2013. It was originally launched in Russia, but quickly spread around the world; today, the operation is based in Dubai, with its legal headquarters in London. Telegram grew to become a cross-channel, multiplatform app with various useful features and tools that make it stand out among other mobile messengers.

Telegram was developed using E2E encryption techniques, a special method of encoding information so that only authorized parties can access it, keeping it secure from outside interference. Users can even create secret hidden chats or set them to self-destruct. The value of encryption is widely acknowledged; for example, the technique is often used for military purposes. This is why Telegram, and not another app or platform, is normally used by various news channels: they can deliver information directly to their readers. Users’ texting content, channel subscriptions, and most frequently used bots are secure and cannot be tracked or controlled by anyone — and anonymity is a determining factor for the majority of clients when choosing a messaging service.

Telegram is attracting more and more people from across the globe with every new day; 1.5 million new daily users were reported each day in April 2020, and the app is projected to reach one billion users by 2022. The messenger is among the world’s top 10 most downloaded apps, and is the most downloaded app in 20 countries. Telegram keeps adding new features and functions, and allows companies to develop apps based on it. Users can also make their own channels, stickers, and bots.

The main difference between classic website navigation and bots

Third party developers are able to create their own bots, short for “robot”, for Telegram. Bots are accounts or channels that have AI software, not a real person, behind them. Bots can do anything — chat, play, search, etc. — and they can be opened with a link or shared by users. Also, if a user forwards a message, it always contains the name of the original chat, meaning that bots are easily spread. 

Bot chats look different from a normal chat with a person. They respond to a set of triggers: users can send a command, message, or inline request (chosen from a set of buttons in a menu), to get to the next step of communication. Telegram bots can accept payments, integrate with other services, customize notifications, and create games. Users navigate the casino from within the app through the bot’s responses.

The main difference between navigating a normal website and interacting with a bot is the simplicity. Whereas searching for something on a web platform can be time-consuming, Telegram chat is much quicker and takes far fewer clicks to achieve the same result. This ease of access is also potentially a great advantage when it comes to entering new markets and attracting new players.

Telegram casino: how bots can make life easier 1

Simply put, Telegram casino is a much easier and quicker means of getting to the games than a website platform. Another advantage is increased accessibility — since Telegram itself was created as a mobile messenger, its UX was accordingly developed for single-hand use. That means that the casino is available any time and from any place, and there’s no need to sign in to the website platform.

What is Telegram casino?

Telegram casino is an alternative way for the backend management system to control every aspect of the casino: notifications and newsletters, content, components, etc. Also, the classic frontend is replaced by the app’s UX. Telegram casino is fully synchronized with an online platform, including bonus modules and various payment methods and currencies, and can be a stand-alone platform or function as part of an established online casino.

Users only need to register via the Telegram bot, go through the authorization process, and start gambling! It’s as simple as that — there is no need to open a web page, search for games, and go through a series of annoying registration steps. Operation processes are executed via a menu of buttons, so that the bot turns into an app with an easily understandable interface.

Right after the first message, the bot will send the player its background information, instructions, and list of commands (replacing a navigation menu). Then it will direct the player to a selection of available platforms and top games. The Telegram bot contacts the main online casino platform, hosted on the traditional webpage, making the process faster and easier for the player.

How does it work?

The bot’s algorithm is made to be simple and intuitive for any user. The first thing players see on the screen is a welcome message. This is the starting point, or menu, that will lead to all the other functions of an online casino. Registration and identity verification, including age and address, are required. The main bot menu will let a player check his balance, make deposits and withdrawals, choose a game, change the settings of the account, ask questions and even get direct contact — all with just one click.

Telegram serves as a transmission tool between games and online casino platforms. The bots are developed to perform the same functions and offer the same content as on the main website platform, and have access to all the necessary features: placing bets, making deposits and withdrawals, choosing a fiat or crypto currency and a payment method, etc. The “bet” key, for example, transmits a command to the operator´s main platform backend. The combination “add funds” would give a player access to a list of payment systems and currencies. 

It is not that difficult to create and launch the Telegram casino itself, especially with professional help. However, to make it a profitable and effective tool, there are a few requirements:

  • High-quality main casino software
  • Well-developed mathematical algorithms
  • Attractive visual appearance, or interface design, of the bot
  • Clear and easily understandable game rules

The bot is set the same way as a web platform, using the backend of the online casino software. This means operators have full access to the monitoring, reporting, and customization of the Telegram casino.

Advantages of Telegram casino

Telegram casino is gaining popularity among operators who wish to expand their target audience by either entering a new market or appealing to a new generation of players. Having both a classic online casino platform and an alternative mobile option allows operators to cover different categories of players with a single gambling project. So, why else is Telegram casino so in-demand among operators?

  • Complete anonymity

Use Telegram’s potential and functionality to enable secure communication. Your players’ data stays private and their actions are not monitored, so their level of trust will be higher. You can guarantee users full anonymity within their own portable devices.

  • No traffic limitations

Since Telegram guarantees anonymity, it does not restrict content or control actions within the app, which allows alternative methods of promotion. Another advantage is that the messenger itself is popular around the world, which can potentially open new markets.

  • Low promotion expenses

Operators can promote their Telegram casino using the most up-to-date marketing tools. The advertising process is much cheaper and easier via social media and messenger apps, and it’s easily possible for a bot to go viral.

  • Mobility and flexibility

The main idea behind the Telegram casino is that it allows players to skip all the annoying steps a user would have to go through on a classic desktop browser platform. There will still be registration, authentication, game choice, deposits and withdrawals, and language and currency selection, but these and other processes are much simpler and less time-consuming. It works just as a proper UX demands: let them get to the point with as few clicks as possible, and the conversion rate will grow.

  • Convenience and freedom

We all know how convenient it is to have everything we need on our mobile phone: our contacts, emails, social media apps, messengers, documents — everything we need, for both work and entertainment, is held in the palm of our hand. Now, imagine gaming in a messenger app, with no need to use another device, open a browser, or download a special channel — just open an app you use on a regular basis and start playing.

It should come as news to no one that today’s iGaming industry is filled with tough competition. Players have plenty of choice when it comes to online casinos, and a platform’s functionality and features will be major factors when they decide where to make their deposits and play. 

What Slotegrator offers

Slotegrator offers the full range of iGaming content, including classic video slots. With nine years of experience in the gambling industry, the Slotegrator team always keeps an eye on all the market’s innovations and trends, and offers operators the most modern solutions to their problems.

By now, mobile devices have already become a normal part of our lives. Our business strategies should not just accommodate mobile use, but base themselves on the understanding that mobile-first UX is a must; when developing your online casino platform and selecting the gaming content for it, think of what your players demand and how you can meet their needs.

We have been working with Telegram for five years, and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The messenger appears to be very effective in terms of player acquisition and retention, and therefore promises to have a positive impact on revenue growth. We also believe this trend is not going to decline in the near future, since the app’s popularity is only growing with every year; the potential is obvious. 

Slotegrator is able to find a tailored solution for any gambling business and integrate Telegram casino as a stand-alone platform with its own backend system, or as an additional module to a web-based online casino platform.

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