Power to ban fixed-odds betting terminals could be devolved

Wales Office Minister Lord Bourne said he will look at the issue again after protests in the House of Lords.The UK government has agreed to consider giving Wales the power to ban fixed-odds betting terminals. !

Yet again the FOBT’s are in the news again and what will be done about them ? probably not that much as they earn people a fortune. Yes people lose a lot but lets face the facts. Most high streets are fading due to the massive out-of-town shopping centres, there are quite a lot of Bookmakers on the high streets,

these provide jobs to individuals, not many jobs I know because the Bookmakers shareholders want there profit.

The councils want there shops to be occupied as its revenue from the rates, refuse collections etc etc

The landlords want there shops to remain occupied  as they want their money.

The gas and electric companies want shops open revenue
The machine makers because it provides them with revenue.

No one actually drags you into the bookies to spend the money. Yes you can spend an awful  amount of money very quickly but you can also do that in a retail store and if you’re a diagnosed addict then you could be spending your money in high st store on clothes you don’t need. I wonder if they will consider closing some of those because there is far to many of them which just perpetuates retail addicts  who spend all their money and then get into debt for things they don’t even need

At least with FOBT’s you have an outside chance of winning some back.

Life is full of choices so is there a need to restrict choices of responsible adults for the few who expect more than others, what do you think

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