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Poker Tables By Mc Poker Customs

Poker Tables

Based in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh, McPoker Custom Tables and Toppers offer bespoke tables for the more discerning poker player.  Having begun as an alternative to the cheap, low quality tables available online, McPoker strives to provide the highest quality tables at an affordable price.  Tables have ranged from simple toppers to casino standard tables, built to the exact specifications of the customer.  Buyers have ranged from casual players looking for toppers to serious poker players looking for a more customised approach.IMG_20130618_223217

It seems they are no longer in business but we will find you a custom poker table builder soon

Poker Tables

Materials are of the highest standard available in order to ensure the finest finish. Likewise, materials are chosen based on their playability and ability to withstand continual use – something the mass produced, low quality tables fail to achieve.  Waterproofed, suited speed-cloths are usually the choice for playing surface however Huxley printed cloths are available.  Over the short time McPoker has been building tables, we’ve made a point of producing tables that will always make the owner proud to own it.  The racetracks on McPoker tables use a specialised, multi stage treatment that ensure not only are they aesthetically pleasing but also very hard wearing.  Tables with LED lighting systems have been build and we are currently working on a table with an EL lighting system.


Poker Tables

McPoker also specialises in theme tables specific to the customers needs – Bands, Teams, TV shows and Movies have all been subject matter for the private home player. In recent times,  McPoker has begun working with Scottish Casinos as well as poker leagues,  building specialised, one-off projects.  at the time of writing, McPoker Tables are building a table for a world famous sports star however, this is very ‘hush-hush’ at the moment.  the project should be complete and online within the next month.


McPoker take pride in the level of customer care and satisfaction we provide.  testimonials can be found on the Facebook .  Every element of a custom build is scrutinised before building begins and we make a point of working within a customers budget where possible in order to provide the table they need.  Custom art work has can also be commissioned for a custom build and of course, colour, shape, size and materials are chosen by the customer. whilst a table is in construction, we make a point of staying in touch and providing updates.

Poker Tables

An online shop is in construction offering Playing cards, McPoker guards and t-shirts.  This will eventually also stock chips and one off McPoker Tables.

poker tables

Poker Tables By Mc Poker Tables, Is it time your ordered your table

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