Playboy Bunnies Selling More Than Hefner’s Dream

Playboy Bunnies Selling

They say any publicity is good publicity even if its bad publicity at least your in the news, a statement  Max Clifford made his millions from and eventually documented his tragic downfall. The statement still stands today if your in the news then its news but the gaming board will definitely have something to say or possibly flex its  enforcement of power if any of the claims can be proven. Revoke the casino licence and close the Playboy down.

Will the owners Caesars Entertainment

So is it full on debauchery at the Playboy Casino ? is it actually more rife in the Playboy than any other casino in London. That is of course if it takes place.

Extracts from the story of the Sun Newspaper

  • Reported by the reliable journalistic views of the Sun Newspaper
  • Secret microphone’s were installed on the tables ! Microphones have been installed on every table in every casino for decades
  • She was tipped £200,000 once by a punter. It is common practice that all tips are shared amongst all staff within the casino. Rumour was that one year the tips amounted to over  1 MILLION POUNDS, Yes thats right £1,000,000, share that amongst the staff and you have a few years wages all at once
  • Bizarre after all this time the story breaks just after a Playboy bunny is dismissed after fraternising with the customers.
  • I am sure she has not received any finical rewards to jump forward and tell her story

It reminds me why I no longer buy newspapers 


Former Playboy Club croupier lifts the lift on Hugh Hefner’s famous casino where champagne, money and sex ‘ran on tap’

Lucie Eloise, 33, has ‘partied with Kate Moss, Harry Styles and Anthony Joshua’ at the club in posh Mayfair

IT is the hedonistic hangout where wealthy punters go to gamble — and try their luck in other ways.

A former croupier has told The Sun how guests would beg to sleep with the waitresses and reduce many to tears with their demands.

Lucie Eloise said Champagne, money and sex “ran on tap” at Hugh Hefner’s West London casino, where a croupier was this week sacked for having an affair with one of Britain’s richest tycoons.

Rude customers, long hours and inappropriate requests meant many girls could not hack it. Lucie, 33, said: “You’d get constant flirting or men trying it on and making remarks.

Playboy Bunnies Selling

“At the end of the day, the men are loaded and there are bunnies — it’s extremes on both sides.”

Lucie, who has “partied with Kate Moss, Harry Styles and Anthony Joshua” at the club in posh Mayfair, revealed how bosses tried to keep the bunnies in check.

Secret microphones were installed on every table, bouncers patrolled every floor and there was a strict phone ban.

But some staff manage to slip through the net, at least at first.

Victoria Jack, 25, was this week fired for gross misconduct after breaking the club’s strict policy of no fraternising with clients.

She was bombarded with sexual messages on WhatsApp by the married businessman, who had tracked her down to her home and given her £1,000 for her birthday.

Another former bunny we spoke to this week, who did not want to be named, worked as a hostess for two years. She said: “Most of our clients were wealthy Arabic, Chinese, Russian or Israeli men.

“The rich are the most debaucherous. They want to take cocaine and have sex all night. I secretly slept with 50 members during my first year at the club. Everyone does it but nobody talks about it.

“Another time, a Premier League footballer stuffed a wad of cash in my hands and told me to meet him in his hotel when I finished. He wanted me to wear nothing but my bunny ears in bed.”

Alice Edwards (not her real name), 27, from East London, has worked at the club for two years.

“Not only are they filthy rich, but they are filthy in the bedroom too.

“One offered me £20,000 for my bunny costume if I would wear it for a shift first without my knickers. Sadly, I had to turn him down as we are not allowed to take our uniforms home.

“One time a guy who claimed to be a BBC producer offered me £100,000 to sleep with him.

“I politely declined but he started promising me the world and told me he would make me the star of a new drama he was producing. It was tempting but I didn’t fancy him and I’m not a prostitute. Of course I’d get with customers if I fancied them but he was receding and old enough to be my grandad.

Playboy Bunnies Selling

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