Large Cash Sum Could Win The Southampton Large Licence

Large Cash Sum

Southampton Large Licence

Over the last week I have seen many a story stating that Aspers are interested in the Large Licence in Southampton, (UK Poker News, Bluff Europe, Guide to UK Casinos)  well no surprise or real revelations as they already operate the only 2 large licences in the UK already. I am sure that Genting and Grosvenor (Rank) will also be very interested in obtaining the Southampton 2005 Large Licence as well. The only surprise would have been if London Clubs International would have expressed an interest. The Southampton Council have still not set a date for applications to be submitted so they may be a little behind their original timetable. The above operators have expressed a few concerns over the criteria already set for upcoming applications.

Aspers expressed that more clarity was required on the scoring matrix for winning the bid, Grosvenor have asked for an increased timescale between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 submission and have asked for at least a 3 month time period. Genting have commented that it seems a little unfair that the location has to be the Royal Pier or not stand a chance in the running. The Southampton NHS have expressed their concerns on the negative effect of gambling !

Scoring For Applications

The draft proposal basically came down to who offered the most cash would be the likely winner as there was only 3 scoring categorizes, Location, Royal Pier or nothing, Problem Gambling, either a yes or a no and I am sure that all bids would go all out on that and the final one was down to financial contributions, so who ever offered more cash would have won

Now the scoring is going to be based on

  • Regenerative Impact =750 points
  • Problem Gambling =125 points
  • Financial =125 points

Up to 750 points is available to applicants whose proposal demonstrates the greatest potential Gross Value Added (GVA) by promoting physical regeneration, tourism, employment opportunities, and through financial contributions directed specifically to achieve regeneration while also having regard to the need to demonstrate deliverability of that proposal.

Reading between the lines it still could come down to who is willing to contribute the most money to the area, Greed or reality and practicality ? After all the casino is most likely to make money and probably lots of it to so why not get some of that profit back into the town and regenerate creating new money and jobs in the area, will a large licence encourage more gamblers to the area ? It just might drag a few extra people into Southampton, will it create new gamblers and more problem gamblers, I don’t think so, there is already casinos in Southampton and at least 37 bookmakers and no one forces you through that door. Its simple don’t spend what you haven’t got or can not afford.

The only remaining question is will the City of Southampton be able to sustain another casino at all as Stanley (Genting) will testify to how difficult it is in Southampton. Will there be closures of other casinos if the Large Licence opens up.

Are you a resident of Southampton, Have your say, what do you think good or bad for the area

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