Hold onto your biggest assets, What are they and how do you hold onto them

Hold onto your biggest assets

Your biggest assets

If you have management responsibilities within a casino or if you have worked hard and you are now a General Manager in a Casino, Wait you could have worked hard played your cards right and either own or are responsible for a number of Casinos. The question to you all is “what do you consider your biggest assets to be.

The building, the location, the designer who decorated the building, is it the fixture and fittings in the Casino or is it the equipment where the customers spend the money. The tables, the chips, the slots, the electronic gaming terminals. Where do you! place the value on what you have today? What about the people who staff your environment? This leads me onto the Grosvenor dealer of the year competition.

It is time again for the Grosvenor dealer of the year competition and this has been won several times recently by the same person a “Bong Ali” from the Grosvenor Victoria in London. So many people have won multiple times. BUT does this mean that they will go on to be great inspectors, pit bosses and then duty managers (whatever the modern day terminology is)Will they be as successful as they climb the corporate ladder ? Not necessarily, we are all made a little different and we all excel in different areas.

Most of us presume that success is measured in status and monetary value and that we all should strive to do better. What if we are the best at what we do today and that is our pinnacle. No more no less we are the best at what we do right here right now, I am sure that for most of us that we all want a little more stature in life and you as most project that onto your staff. Now the problem is if that member of staff is the best in the land in what he/she does today, will he/she be as good in the next elevated role? Or do you have the best person for the job right there right now. If you have the emotional intelligence to know that this is the job for that person, how will you keep them there? Will it be money, more trophies’ more global accolade and then will they want more fame and fortune.

Your dilemma is recognising your biggest asset and exploiting it to the max, but don’t forget your weaknesses. You may have people around you that excel in that area so use them and use your own short falls to excel.

Mohammed Ali (he did a bit of boxing) once said “If I was a dustbin man I still would have been the greatest, the greatest dustbin man there ever was” after all being the best at anything is the greatest accolade you can achieve. The secret is being happy with what you have or as leaders ensuring that the right people in the right jobs stay exactly where they are.

It’s not the structure but the fabric that makes the place. What do you consider to be your biggest asset?  How do you hold onto your assets ?

hold on to your assets
Adrian Brennan (TCS JohnHuxley) Bong Ali Winner 2012 (The Vic) Phil Urban (Grosvenor)

The Dealer Skill Championships

About the Championships

Dealer of the Year 2013 gets under way with the inter-club contests, which will run from 28th July – 29th September. Judges will be training officers, competition coordinators and management team members. Prize money is £150 for first place, £100 for second place and £150 for the best under 2yrs experienced in each club.

The winners from each casino will go through to the five regional finals held at regional venues across the estate. The judges for the regional events will be Ian Shanahan, Darren Cousins, Laura Burnell and Kieran Prunty.

The top performers from the regional rounds will, in addition to their prizes, compete for the national titles at the grand final at G Casino Coventry on 16th January. Judges will include Head of Table Gaming Kevin Grahame, Head of Poker Russell Tamplin, the founder of the National Dealer Skills Competition Jerry Lewis and the HR business partners.

Prize money is £1,000 for Dealer of the Year with more than two years’ experience and £600 for Dealer of the Year with less than two years’ experience. The day doesn’t finish after the competitions as all competitors will be given the option to attend a private “after competition party” combining live entertainment, food, drinks and more prizes for all those attending which should ensure that all finalist have a night to remember. The evening will end with all competitors retiring to their very own pitch side room at the Ricoh Arena.

Roulette Assessment

All entrants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Chip work and dexterity
  • Asset/game protection
  • Float management
  • Customer service and communication
  • Neighbour and outside bets
  • 3 timed bet calculations
  • 2 timed cash conversions
Martin (GM The Vic) Phil Urban (Grosvenor) Ian Shanahan (Grosvenor) and me in the crowd
Martin (GM The Vic) Phil Urban (Grosvenor) Ian Shanahan (Grosvenor) and me in the crowd

Working as a Team

Things to consider from a team perspective:

  • Are you helpful and welcoming to new members of the gaming team?
  • How prepared/able are you to help new members of staff to improving their dealing skills?

What the Judges will be looking for

Customer service

  • Polite and courteous
  • Conforms to grooming standards
  • Greets Players and Maintains customer interaction
  • Projects positive image and body language
  • Is customer obsessed?
  • Responds Actively to Players’ needs

Chip Work

  • Moves stacks correctly
  • Cuts chips correctly
  • Positions chips correctly during transactions
  • Places French bets correctly
  • Uses both hands correctly
dealer compettion
Hosts (Grosvenor) Sponsors (TcsJohnHuxley)

Asset and Game Protection

  • Protects winning areas
  • Maintains table security
  • Shows clean hands
  • Calls games loudly and clearly
  • Communicates clearly and accurately
  • Remains calm under pressure

Roulette Payout Test

  • Timed bet calculations
  • Timed cash Conversions

28th July – 29th September
Club training and competitions commence

30th & 31st October
Group D Regional Final at G Casino Luton

6th & 7th November
Group C Regional Final at G Casino Walsall

13th & 14th November
Group B Regional Final at G Casino Manchester

20th & 21th November
Group A Regional Final at G Casino Newcastle

27th & 28th November
Group E Regional Final at G Casino Portsmouth Gunwharf

16th January 2014
The Grand Final at G Casino Coventry

Good Luck to all Qualifiers in the Competition but remember, Hold onto your biggest assets

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