Grosvenors New Casino Menu Food

Grosvenors New Casino Menu

Updated January 2024

The menus have been updated again now it is 2022, they are all around the same theme of small plates, burgers, large plates etc

Most of the Grosvenor Casino food menu are the same as above, some have them all and others just a selection. There are some exceptions as well that have completely different menus

park tower casino food menu

Park Tower Casino

The Park Tower Casino has always catered for different clientele and that is also reflected in their casino food menu as well.

They have a few small plates and some large plates that include grilled Seabass (£21). They also have a Flavours Of India Menu with all the usual Indian food and very reasonable priced as well. They also have a nice little Middle Eastern Menu available as well, including hummus, moutabel, sambousek and shish taouk (grilled chicken, lemon, garlic, grilled onion, chilli and tomato. £18) and many more dishes. The Full Menu, here.

The Vic

The Vic casino has always been a little different and of course it has its own menu. It is also a poker players paradise with 35 poker tables on the upper level.

The Vic menu consists of lite bites, pan fried or grilled fish for the more health conscious. 2 fusion dishes based on curries, they also have a nice little Arabic offering. They also offer pizza (£11), burgers (£9.50) and some classic salads. The Vic menu here.

Cocktails Grosvenor Rialto London

The Rialto

A very distinctive building inside, full of history and a menu style that nods to its past. (only in the design and not the food itself)

The usual small plates, a section of classics which refers to burgers and ceased salad. Then they have a ping pong section which looks like Chinese inspired dishes. A couple of sharing platters and some sandwiches. They do have an extensive cocktail and drinks menu. Here

Genting Casino Food Menu

Below 2019 food offerings

Grosvenor Casino have created a new casual dining & Sports Bar menu with four distinctive takes on food.

Absurd Chicken

A very American inspired menu based all around chicken and mainly the wings and thighs with all the classic sides of slaws, sweet potatoes. All reasonably priced, however depending on the quality and service.

Field & Fin

A slightly strange name but the field refers to the beef and the fin to the fish. Ranging from slow braised rib of beef to a classic fillet steak and then a burger. The fish is a baked sea bass or a salmon nicoise and a salmon fried in a wok with noodles There is a range of sides on offer along with some classic steak sauces.

Barrel & Stone

I presume the stone refers to the stone a pizza is cooked on. I can’t imagine that they would have one of these in every casino. Yes its probably straight out of the freezer into the oven. Just pizza !

Holy Cow

Nope no clue in the name at all as all the items on this menu are actually curries. 4 different sauces to choose from and then you can pick from prawns, chicken roast cod lion or mixed veg and chick peas.

The sauce is probably boil in the bag and then what you choose is then cooked separately and then thrown in at the last minute for that inauthentic taste. There are 4 sides to choose from to compliment your meal

Kitchen Bites Menu

£5 each which seems quite expensive and then its 2 for £9 or 3 for £12. Still a little expensive for these tapas inspired bites. Chorizo , chicken satay etc

The Good Pud Menu

Thats it, no links needed, nothing else to offer. You have to wonder about all the choices and the ability to keep its quality

The All Day Menu

In some casinos there is also an option of the all day menu with options of burgers, snacks and Panini’s nothing particularly awe inspiring but hearty and filling .

The Grosvenor Restaurant Menu

If you are lucky enough to be close to a casino that still has a restaurant in it then it may be worth a visit. You can choose from the small plates to large plates. This from the small plates sounds tempting

Griddled harissa spiced scallops, moutabel, pomegranate & pitta crisps priced at £12

Small plates menu Grosvenor

From the large plate the griddled sea bass and tiger prawns sounds tempting but quite expensive at £20

On offer as well there are “Flavours from the Middle East” that are like mini snacks. You then have a choice of char grills and desserts

There is a very wide choice of food on offer from Grosvenor Casino. Probably something for everyone I guess its just a matter of quality and freshness from such a large menu.

Grosvenor New Casino Menu
Updated 16.02.18

Another year and another update to the Grosvenor Casino Menu for 2018. Its seems that the menus are getting more diverse which is a good for you the
customer. The choice again this year look pretty good and a lot of the clubs have the Breakfast & 24 For Menu. The one to have from the breakfast menu is the Full Monty, Sausage, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, grilled tomato, beans, eggs and fried bread or toast and all for a impressive £5.50.

The Grosvenor New Casino Menu now includes a Poker Menu. Tasty little dishes designed to keep you in the action at the poker table for longer. The Poker Menu.

Grosvenor Casino St Giles Restaurant Menu

Grosvenor Casinos New Menu
St Giles Restaurant Menu

The ever popular sharing menu for you and your friends, the only thing you have to decide is who is picking up the tab. The winer of course, it would be impolite to do otherwise.

Grosvenor Casino Food Menu

One of the Grosvenor Casino you can guarantee good food is Grosvenor Casino Gloucester Road. Personally I have always had great food and service. I have noticed now that they have a new General Manager in Nikki Barrett and having had experience at the Park Tower I am sure her customer service standards are second to none.

A sample of the Gloucester Road Casino Menu 

Gloucester Road Casino Menu
Gloucester Road Casino Menu

The Grosvenor Casinos and the G Casino have now launched their updated Casino Menu to make it a little more appealing. (nothing wrong with the last Casino Menu) I haven’t had the opportunity to sample this one as yet but I certainly will be doing on several occasions belive me. The Casino is one of our favorite activities (eating) in the casino here at C4D so lets take a look.

Of course the Casino menu has been updated again with some slight additions and some favourites taken away

Updated 02.10.17  Bar Menu  Restaurant Menu 

The London casinos have variations to the stander Casino Menu in the provinces.

Casino Menu at the Park Tower

Casino Menu at the Barracuda 

Casino Menu at the St Giles Casino

Casino Menu at the Gloucester Road Casino 

Casino Menu at the Grosvenor Piccadilly 

Casino Menu at the Grosvenor Casino Russel Square

Casino Menu at the Grosvenor Victoria does have its own menu as well so please do take your time to look at all the menus as the difference is stunning on what you get to choose from

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Now Updated April 2016 Full Menu (limited)       Full Menu 2

The Lighter Bites Bar Menu

Please note that the menus in the Grosvenor vary depending on location and size, please contact you local casino to determine which menu they have at the casino


Casino Menu
casino menu eat

The Casino Menu has been split into 6 different categories, Small Plates, Grosvenor Grill, Large Plates, Salads, Sides and Desserts. I will just pick a few from each section that are of good value and that I am particularly looking forward to trying myself. Oh and did i mention you can even pay for your food with your Grosvenor Play Points

Casino Menu Small Plates

Something just to nibble on when your not quite ready for a full size meal, a little taster if you will, something to keep you going that little bit longer. I would try the mushrooms as I do love them and set against the tangy Stilton its just got to be a winner. I would also try ravioli as its sounds very fresh tasty and light


Stilton Glazed Mushrooms £4.25 or 425pts
Mushrooms in a creamy sauce served on toasted ciabatta
and glazed with crumbled Stilton


Asparagus & Pea Ravioli £4.95 or 495pts
Ravioli parcels with tomato and olive sauce,
rocket and grated Parmesan


Casino Menu Large Plates

Something more substantial to fill that larger gap and for me the clear winner has to be he Sea Bass, occasionally I do veer away from the meat section on the menu but they again a good sea bass does have a meaty texture when cooked well.


Sea Bass £14.95 or 1495pts
Two fillets of sea bass simply grilled with cracked black
pepper and salt served with a tomato and olive sauce,
crushed potato and baby spinach


Casino Menu Grosvenor Grill

The Grill ! this is the part of the casino menu I am most comfortable, I quite often have steak when I am out and its always the fillet and it has to be cooked “blue”. No other way not over cooked or dry but simple blue. If you haven’t tried it that way I recommend that you at least try it once in your lifetime.


8oz* Fillet Steak £19.95 or 1995pts

steak casino menu

Using our special seasoning, we grill our premium dry-aged steaks
to your order and serve it to you with crispy skin-on fries, grilled
mushroom, tomato, watercress and beer battered onion rings


Casino Menu Salads

I am not know for my choice in salad leaves as I am a bit of a carnivore and do like my meat but having seen the below I would like to give it a try especially with the mixture of textures between the pear,stilton and walnut.


Stilton, Pear & Walnut £6.50 or 650pts
Baby gem lettuce, thin slices of fresh pear marinated
in olive oil and herbs, dressed with crumbled Stilton,
walnuts and balsamic vinegar


Casino Menu Sides

occasionally I will have a side or two on my plate and I do love potatoes so I would be happy to have any one of the two offerings below.


Baby Roast Rosemary Potatoes £1.75 or 175pts

Garlic Mashed Potato £1.75 or 175pts


Casino Menu Desserts

I don’t often indulge in desserts after a full meal as my main vice is the starters and main courses (steak) but my other vice is chocolate.I also know that it would be a tough decision between the cream or ice cream and would probably be a flip of a coin on the night to make the choice.


Mini Melting Chocolate Pudding £3.50 or 350pts
Warm mini chocolate pudding with cream or
vanilla pod ice cream


The New Casino Menu from Grosvenor, is it a winner ? only you the people will decide that if you keep ordering from it. If you want to have a look at the full Menu please click HERE

gros casino menu

Over the coming weeks I will be trying the food and keep you updated and we will also look at the Bar Snack menu, if you have experienced the new casino menu already please let us know here at C4D

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